5 Zbigz Alternative Sites Like Torrific.com

You all must be using Zbigz.com and must be quite happy with that but there are many things that Zbigz misses and that’s the time when you start searching for the Zbigz alternatives.Zbigz is one of the best torrent caching site which helps us download torrents using download managers.With  sites like Zbigz you can easily download torrents using download managers like idm which increases your download speed by a minimum of 10x.You can activate Idm by using Idm Serial key to increase its speed further.

Torrific.com was one of famous sites for it but it recently got closed because of some problem and from that people’s are searching for Torrific Alternatives as well as Zbigz Alternatives.You can easily download files like music,movies,pdf files etc using Zbigz.com.Zbigz serves faster downloads with resume capability but has some restrictions too.

You can not download files more than 1 GB in size you can download more than 2 files at a time and there are many other things because of which you will start searching for Zbigz Alternative Like Torrific.Many peoples tried to find its alternatives but most of them failed because most of those sites are underground means not in the eyes of peoples.So I am going you all to find the perfect Zbigz Alternatives.

5 Zbigz Alternatives Like Torrific.com

1). Furk.net

Furk is a similar torrent caching site like Zigz.com and provides high-speed torrent downloads using Internet download manager or other download managers.You need to first sign up for using their service and most of the sign up you need an invite but you can solve them by logging in by Facebook or other social media site.In my eyes it is one of the best Zbigz Alternatives and work better any other torrent caching sites.

2). Putdrive.com

When it comes to downloading torrents larger than 1 Gb in size than Zbigz doesn’t works and this is the time when you need  Putdrive.The limitation is you can download only one torrent at a time but asset is you can download files larger than 1GB in size easily.So if you also love big games and movies than this site can really help you.

3). Boxopus.com

When it comes to choose only one zbigz alternatives that can do all the tasks like zbigz and torrific than I chose Boxopus.You can easily log in using Facebook and cache your torrent files and it nearly supports all of the download managers for chrome.So you can easily use this site from chrome and download torrent files as .zip.If you are having any problems than you can easily contact their support and they help in every way they can.

4). Put.io

Put.io is another awesome zbigz alternative which was one of the best torrific alternatives too.So I recommend it with Boxopus every time people ask for it.If you are also looking for a great torrent caching site then you can try their service.They offer torrent download of large sizes and gives you enough storage space to store them too.You can try their service for only $0.99.

5). ByteBx

Bytebx is a cloud online storage site which you can use to store files online.It downloads files from the magnet link you gives and store in its servers.You can download them easily than any time you wish at a far greater speed than what Zbigz offers.It offers a 20 GB of online storage to newly registered users and you can increase it anytime you wish.

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So these were some of the best Zbigz alternatives that works same as torrific and you can try them anytime you wish and they really work great.If you are having any problems regarding this then you can ask in comments and we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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