WordPress vs Blogger Which is better For Blogging?

WordPress Vs Blogger is a nice Topic To write On.As we Know WordPress And Blogger are two most used Blogging Platforms.It takes So much time To newbies To Choose Between WordPress And Blogger.As We Know They are huge rivals In Blogging Platforms So Here  Facts on Both The Platforms Which would help you In Clearing your Topic Of  WordPress vs Blogger and will help you In Choosing the Best One.

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In my View Blogger Is better Then WordPress but it also Depends on others Views As These Two has its Own Advantages And Disadvantages.According To A survey most Of the people Prefers Self Hosted WordPress Over Blogger  Because Of its Flexibility And Security.But we can’t Also Underestimate Blogger as it is Google’s Product.Most Of the people Also Choose Blogger Because it is Google’s Product.So Let us Have a look on The Advantages And Disadvantages Of these Blogging platforms.

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 1)Design(WordPress Wins)

As we think about Design Bloggers Sites have a very bad designing and offers little themes  As Compared to WordPress.Wordpress Is One of the Largest  Used Blogging Platform and also offers Many Themes To its Bloggers.BloggerAlso has Some free Templates But in my thought it is Incomparable to the huge number Of Templates Offered By WordPress.

With a self hosted WordPress Blog you can do what you want With your Blog.Blogger also Has Page limits but WordPress Has No Page limits.Wordpress Comes With unlimited Pages and unlimited posts and this Thing can Change Your Whole Decision On The Topic WordPress Vs Blogger.

You can See your own And Decide which blogging platform Provides Best Templates.

WordPress Vs Blogger

Here Are the Themes Provided By WordPress.


2)SEO(Blogger Wins)

As Blogger Is A product Of Google,Google Ranks Blogspot sites well which makes Blogger SEO rich.Many Blogspot sites are Ranking well for many high competition Keywords.So if you Are thinking About SEO on your Blogspot blog Don’t Worry You are in Great Hands.Google Will never leave their Blogger Program to be Dumped By WordPress.

3)Free To use(Blogger Wins)

Blogger is 100% Free So many Bloggers recommend to create a Blogspot Site.As A free platform blogger is very Easy to use for First Timers But Self Hosted WordPress  Highly requires  Technical Knowledge  with regards to Hosting, server and Internet Tools.

4)Widgets  And plugins.

As  me move further and talk about Widgets and plugins Blogger has predefined Widgets to use but WordPress offers more Plugins which you Can use in your Site.In the Manner of Widgets and Plugins both are equal.Both of them Come With  Stats integrated but if you use Self hosted WordPress blog you need to Install a plugin Called Jetpack.Blogger Uses Codes Of third-party Apps or plugins whereas WordPress Directly uses Plugins.

Blogger  comes with integrated Social networking icons Which makes it more Social network friendly.You can see The Social Networking Icons below every Blogger Post.


Both Of the Blogging Platforms Offers Customisation,manual editing of Code,Html and Css editing And Adjustment.Blogger Users can customise their Blog in a different way by using their Layout Control.they can tune their Blog In a Complete Different Way by sorting elements,Adjusting Header And Footer and Placing On their Best Place.


Both Platforms Are Good On Their Place So There’s Nothing To Decide Between WordPress Vs Blogger Competition.But You Can Go With Any Platform You Wish But I Want To Give You A Advice That If You Are Able To Make Some Money Than Go For Self Hosted WordPress as WordPress Rocks For Me.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. For me the key is in terms of control. On WordPress (the self-hosted version) you own your blog, and you fully control everything from design to the content. On Blogger and other hosted platforms you don’t and that can become an issue for many.

  2. Thank you very much for the details analysis. I still prefer WordPress which is given me a lot of customization and also plugins.
    Of course blogger is good and free to use. Actually I use both for my blogs.

  3. I worked on blogger for 6 months and now I have shifted to wordpress and I must say that it has been a good change. Blogger is limited to a certain themes and design while there are a lot more options to choose in wordpress and they are far better.

  4. Hi Gautam! I started my blogging from blogger and ended up at WordPress. Blogger just couldn’t satisfy me the way wanted it to work. Switching to WordPress worked as a charm. Plugins and tutorials from developers made my work all the more easy. It is right that Google ranks high it’s users on search engine. But that really doesn’t bother anyone much. There are many other ways that could be used to get reasonable traffic to build a successful blog over a period of time. Nice review and best of luck for your endeavors. cheers!!!

  5. I do agree that blogger is better for seo because it is a google product. However, if you stop posting articles even for a week, it would loose a lot of its effect.

    I have recently switched from blogger to wordpress and I am so happy that I did that.

  6. wordpress is awesome yes, i like it more . but i think for start blogger is good to try and start to learn from google .
    i think blogger is better than wordpress free hosting, for self host wordpress more better

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