Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working-How To Fix!

If you are a regular Windows user than you must have faced Windows Explorer has stopped working problem manytimes. It’s one of the most occurring problems on computer and most of the Peoples ignore it thinking that it’s a  simple problem and windows explorer will restart and all will be fine in few seconds.It is right that it doesn’t results in loss or any problem many times but what if you lose all the data and what if your computer doesn’t starts?

So everyone must think about this Windows Explorer has stopped working problem and must find a way to solve it.Windows explorer is one of the most useful running applications of Windows OS or you can also say that it is the backbone of computer.Windows Explorer has stopped working has been one of the most common problems and now it’s time to get a fix for it.

In the past few years we got to know many things about Windows Explorer has stopped working problem and now have found fix at much extent.It’s almost hard to find what’s the root problem behind this but we got some clues through which we can get rid of this Windows Explorer problem.

We recently wrote on Internet Explorer has stopped working problem and also how to reinstall internet explorer and all went well and hope you get success in getting rid of this error too.There are many ways to get rid of these error and i am explaining it by many easy steps and procedures.

Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working-Fix!!

 Method 1-Try System File Checker

This is one of the solutions to fix Windows Explorer has stopped working issue.This checks the Operating System for the corrupted or broken files and replaces with the original version files.This process can come handy at many times like data corruptions or restoring modifies or deleted core operating system files.

  1. Go to start menu and type cmd.exe.
  2. Run Cmd.exe Administrator by right clicking on it and choosing Run as administrator.
  3. Type sfc/scannow in the command prompt
  4. This will start system scan and will take some time.

Method 2-Scan Local Disk C

There are many times when you hard drive or local disk generate bad sectors and they become a problem.So we need to regularly scan Local disk to get rid of these problems.So Open my Computer and right-click on Local disk C.Then click on tools tab and select Check to scan the disk for bad sectors.As you can see i am not having any problem in my Windows 8 Pc.

Method 3-Scan For Virus And malware

Scan your computer regularly for virus and malware as they can affect your Pc very hard and it will result in slow down of your pc and then windows explorer not responding or stopped working.So it is advised to install an antivirus program.You can choose from the best antivirus for windows 7 or best antivirus for windows 8 to install one of those.

 Method 4-Show Icons instead of thumbnails.

You will be feeling i am crazy but truly this works most of the times and it’s better to give a try else doing nothing.So start showing icons instead of thumbnails.

  1. Go to Organise>Folder & Search Options>View
  2. Check Always Show icons,never thumbnails.

Method 5-Update System Drivers

Sometimes it is advised to keep drivers and installed softwares updated so that nothing goes worse.Sometimes outdated versions of the drivers and softwares can also become the root cause of this problem.So better update it from next time.

Method 6-Try System Restore

Many times it happens that you install an update or any software and it starts causing problems than you can take the help of system restore.You must take system backups so that you can restore it to a particular time period.Click start and type System Restore.

Method 7-Get a new version of Window or Reinstall Windows

If none of the above tips helped then it’s the time to get a new version of window.Just download windows 7 iso or windows 8 Pro iso and install it.You can easily install windows 7 from usb and get a windows 7 activator to activate windows 7.

So these were some of the tips to fix Windows explorer has stopped working error.Tr these and let us know what are your view and which of the methods worked for you and we will be waiting for your reply.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Very nice steps and good details.
    I solved the issue of Explorer Restarting by uninstalling Apple Inc programs. I found that Apple Quicktime and Iphone related softwares were causing the Windows Explorer to crash.

  2. Thanks for the tips Gautam… I just have one question. Do peple still use explorer? Personally I’d rather use Chrome or Firefox LOL 😉

    1. Frnd Firefox and Chrome are very very poupular but Internet explorer haven’t lost it’s charm yet and Explorer was one of the most used browser last year and This year too.

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