What To Do when Your Site Gets Google Blacklist

There are  more than 11,660,000 Sites in The Google Blacklist  because of their Malicious behaviours.Sites get Blacklisted By Google When It gets Hacked Or Gets Infected With Malware May it be Self Hosted Or through any Link.

If your Site Has Been Blacklisted it is because Some vulnerability has Allowed A hacker to Take Control Of your Site.If your Site has Been Blacklisted take immediate action to get Your Site Whitelisted as it will affect your site’s Reputation And It will Also Effect your Search Engine Rankings.

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How To Know your Site has Been Infected:-

You can Check whether Your Site is Infected Or not By checking your Google Webmaster Homepage.Sign up FOr A Webmasters Account And verify your Site.After Verification You will get Clear Stats Of your site and Get to know whether Your Site is Infected Or Not.You can also Use Online Site Scanners To scan your Site From Time To Time and check vulnerabilities in your Site.

What To Do when Your Site Got in Google blacklist:-

When your site will get Infected You will Get Notified About it in your Webmasters Home Page Or when you Try To open your Site You will get a Google Blacklist Notice like this.

If your Site got blacklisted like this Just Scan your Site with Online malware Scanner for vulnerabilities.Best Online Scanner Malware SIte on the Internet Is Sucuri Site Checker.It scans your Whole Site For vulnerabilities and Lets you know about  the infected Links or malware Hosted On your Site.

First Go to Sucuri Site scanner And Scan your Site if Your Site is Blacklisted it will make you know.

You will get the Proper infected Links Of your Blog so that you can easily remove them.The Above Mentioned Site has been Blacklisted Only Due to his Hosting Site so here it is not showing any Spamming links or Malicious JavaScript On the Site.

After Scanning your Site remove the malicious links and Malicious Softwares hosted on your Program and when You feel Fully satisfied that your Site is now clean you can Request a Google Review Of your Site From Google Webmasters Dashboard.In webmaster Tools Also Give  examples of some of the Infected links on your Site.

request For A review And If Google Finds Your Site clean It will remove you From Its Blacklist In just 1-2 days,and from now keep scanning your Site so that Google Never blacklist Your Site.

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