Top 5 Google Adsense Earners In India

Earlier I wrote about Top 5 Adsense Earners Of the Whole World,Now on readers Demand I am Writing this Post With The Topic Top 5 Google Adsense Earners In India.Adsense Is One Of the Best Monetization System For A blog.Earning Real Money With a Blog Online is Too Hard As I stated Earlier Only 9% Of Total Bloggers Manage to Earn A Single penny.

Today I am Going To share Information About the Top 5  Google Adsense Earners In India.The Sites/blogs Listed here are Really Inspiration To all and more inspiration are The Men Behind These Blogs.So lets know about Them And The Top 5 Sites In India Earning From Adsense.

Top 5 Google Adsense Earners In India

1) Aggarwal) was Founded By Amit Aggarwal.He writes about Computer Software,Consumer Gadgets,Web Applications etc.He Holds An Engineering Degree In Computer Science From IIT.In 2004 Amit Quit His Job To become a professional blogger.
Founder:Amit Agrawal
Adsense Earning:$45,000/Month
Page Rank:6
Alexa Rank:2,186

2) Aggarwal)

Shoutmeloud was Founded By Harsh Aggarwal.He Blogs at Shoutmeloud For Profession and he loves writing about Latest Stuff and Technology related articles.He Is From New Delhi and Works From Home and Earn Much More Then A Working Person In MNC company’s.
Founder:Harsh Agarwal
Adsense earning:$17,000/Month
Alexa Rank:4,945

3) Singh)

Jaspal Singh Is The Founder And Proud Owner Of Is a Mechanical Engineer With some Skills Of designing and Coding.His Interest In Internet And Computers Made Him a Professional Blogger for all Time.
Founder:Jaspal Singh
Adsense Earning:$10,000/Month
Alexa Rank:13,0874

4) Desai) was Founded By Prabhu Desai.It is a Popular Business blog which Cover economic topics such as Business Trends,Forex Exchange,Internet Business,Financial News Etc.
Founder:Prabhu Desai
Adsense Earning:$9,000/Month
Alexa Rank:12,722

5) PP)

Techpp was Founded By RajuPP.He was featured Among 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit Magazine in 2011.He is an Electronic Engineer and Launched This Site In 2008.
Adsense Earning:$8,500/Month
Alexa Rank:15,360

Thnx For Spending your Valuable Time In reading this,Plz Leave A Comment So that we Can Get To you clearly and I wish Every Blogger Must Earn this much and if you are getting problems with adsense then must see Top Google Adsense Alternatives.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Its amazing to see what simple blogs can achieve over time.I am sure they must have spent a lot of time perfecting the content.It really pays off in the end.Thanks for sharing this information. Cheers.

  2. Well the information i think is quietly impressive sir.I was searching for it and got it on the very first link.Your way of writing and blogging is great Gautam

    1. Gautam Cool its nice to hear that you earn $100 – 200 from a new blog . I think if you will work with the same dedication you can earn a lot more . Nice work man .

      1. Gautam bhai, google adsense se money kaise earn karte hai, me account banane k baad kya karte hai please step by step batao please…mere mail id pe send karo.please

  3. hello frns
    i got the first approval from adsense around 15 days back.They have asked me to login n create ur ads units n place that code on your website.I have done all this but i haven’t received another mail from adsense yet.Still in my adsense account a red alert mark is coming in which its written that your application is under review.You’ll only see blank ads until your acc. has been fully approved.
    please suggest something what i should do now. For how long i have to wait?
    Is there any contact no. where i can contact them in india?

  4. The people who are earning well from adsense are really hardworking and smart people .I think if we also give time to our blogs and work with dedication , we can also earn pretty well.

  5. Simply, Very Inspiring… but Gautam where did you get these stats from? did you calculated these figures using pageviews?

  6. Amit Aggarwal is India’s first Professional Blogger..His blog is undoubtedly best Indian blog…thanks for the list

  7. Gautam bhai, google adsense se money kaise earn karte hai, me account banane k baad kya karte hai please step by step batao please…mere mail id pe send karo.please

      1. hello Gautam,
        can you please help to “How to earn via Google adsence” pls send me the steps one by one……….
        i also want to become a blogger………….

  8. @gautam cool…..thanxx for helping peoples…… 🙂
    i had worked in google adsense
    there are some problems…whenevr i post my website they blocked my id 🙁
    is there any solutation of this problm???? plz help bro

  9. Quiet inspiring figures ..Gautham..could you please tell me where do you got this stat from? jus curious..thank you!

  10. Wow! Those are huge Adsense earnings. They all have worked hard to reach that potential and they are still improving.

  11. top 5 google adsense earners and they all are well aware with the ads product and post : i like Shout Me loud is good

  12. Hey Gautam a very Impressive list of top adsense earners in India.Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal are the undisputed kings of Indian Blogosphere.How much Money are you making from your Blog Gautam?

  13. No doubt Amit and Harsh are the best. Labnol is the best site. Whenever I visit that site there is something new and exciting. Man just look at his earnings

  14. Thanks Bro,
    mai bhi jaldi hi list me aane wala hu tayaar ho jao post karne k liye.

    agle 6 mahine me adsense ke liye approve kar dunga or meri website pe traffic bhi mast h or content bhi.

  15. It is a nice post Goutam, But I think that you missed the secound special persion in this post that Amit Bhawani well kown for

  16. Hi All,

    I haven’t found any google advertise on Amit Agarwal’s blog then how they are earning from google adsense. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

  17. Gautam,

    First of all, congrats for your blog ! You might not be earning much today ,but its just a matter of time. I am sure you will succeed in life.
    I have certain queries about wordpress and google adsense. How do i ask ? Should i post it here ?

  18. Gautam,

    I waiting long for your reply. I needed to know how difficult is to create a wordpress website.
    I understand that doesnt allow google adsense.

    Will a , a premimum theme and godaddy hosting will be enough to have my blog functional ?

  19. I saw almost same amount those people are earning but given on per year in another site (igau DOT org). I saw Amit Agrawal is earning 51k/year but here its 45k/month. That’s a huge difference dude. Check your information.

  20. These people are inspirations for the hundreds of other bloggers for sure…I personally follow Labnol, Shout me loud, and Trak regularly….Three of them are especial in their own way for sure….

  21. At the time of starting a new blog and how the blogging world works, first I was inspired by Amit Agarwal. Happy to see him in the toplist.

  22. These people are really true guide for us. I am really inspired from shoutmeloud and labnol. They provide very good information about bloging.

  23. Hi, nice artical, It is very very tough to build revenue from Adsense or blogging, it takes almost 2 years of your career. so think before using

  24. Fantastic, awesome, honorable, excellent, Remarkable this words are not enough to say. good effort buddy. really enjoyed and inspired with this article.

  25. Hi,
    Very interesting information. I am a blogger ,writing in Tamil.I want to write about top google adsense earners, in my blog. Is The Data given by you authenticated. Can I know where did you get these details?

  26. Dear Shri Gautamji,

    I have heard a lot that people are and people can make money onGoogle AdSense.(Some one also made a comment that Google has not paid a single paisa for AdSense).

    I want to make you my friend,philosopher and guide,in this mine attempt to make some decent money fromAdSense.Please accept me as your student and oblige.

    I am a fresher and donot know/understand about Blogging/FaceBook/Tweeter etc.

    Looking forward to get assocated with one who cares to reply.I have lot of hope and expectations.

    With Best Regards!

    Yours Truly,

    Rajendra Kumar Surana,raipur(09826900594)

  27. Hi Gautam,
    As per my experience, the earning showing here is far better than this as all listed above having more than 30% global visitor and you know, the avrage CPM globaly is much high than in our india.
    After all nice

  28. Great to see the numbers (in $) and the ranking that too from India. Thanks to you for the analysis and sharing it. Truly motivating.
    It would be nice to see some tips about increasing the ranking based on these highly successful sites.

  29. Top two are aggarwal, i think we should change our surname to aggarwal :P, i Think Google search and adsense gives good favour to aggarwals 😛 kidding, but your top 5 is good, on other blogs bloggers are adding small bloggers with just $500 income in their list.

  30. hi Gautam,
    I am about to start blog writing so want to what all steps I should be considering to make it a popular one?

  31. I hope to find my name very soon in this list, but if we look at total revenue comprising of all sources. I will find a way into top online earners.

  32. Thanks for the post, but all are known faces..
    If you could share new faces with their ranking and performance…
    Its really most inspiration to new Bloggers,

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