Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins You Need In your Blog

As Every Blog WordPress Blogs Also Needs To be Protected.But protected From what,protected from hackers,malware etc.When Your Blog Starts Growing And getting popular,you need to take Care of the Security Risks.This is the thing that Bloggers Forget while blogging,but if you Are using WordPress just leave all f this on WordPress security plugins.

So today I came up with Some WordPress Security Plugins which Would help you In Keeping Your Blog Safe.There Are many Security Plugins Available outside But I am listing Only Top 10 Security plugins That Will keep your Blog safe.

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I have thought Many times Before Writing These Plugins On what Plugins Are The Best and Which Plugins Need To be Involved in this Post And At last i Got these 10 Plugins So I am Very happy To write about these WordPress Security Plugins.

[Info]Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins Are:-[/Info]

1)User Locker

It is used To lock A User After Certain Login Attempts.A very Useful Plugin to Protect Your Blog From Brutforce Attacks or login Attacks.

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2)Backuper: WordPress Backup Plugin

Backuper is a small, easy and simple plugin which  automatically backups your WordPress site. This wordpress backup plugin (aka Backuper) allows you to back up your entire web hosting account using cPanel and the built-in backup feature.

3)WP Security Scan

WP Security  Plugin Scans your Site For Vulnerabilities and suggests you Options to Overcome them.


4)WordPress File Monitor

It monitors Your WordPress Site For recent Changes In your Site.When A change is Detected It Notifies About it  At your Specified Address.A Whole in one WordPress Security Plugin For you.


A Useful Plugin that will scan Your Blog template For Malicious Injections.One Of the Best Plugins That Will Help you  Fighting With malware On your Site.I used this Plugin Three Months Ago when my site Got Blacklisted And Got whitelisted In just One Day.It is the best Tool To protect your Blog Against Spam and Malware injections.

6)Exploit Scanner

It Searches The Files in your Website and Database For Malicious Infections.It scans All your Posts and Comments threads in your Database For Infetions.It also Scans The List Of your Plugins.

7)WP Email Guard 

It is one of the Best and useful WordPress plugins.It Protects your Email Given in the Posts From being crawled by Spammers.It Conerts your Email in the Post into A JavaScript,So the email is readable and clickable by Humans only not bots.

8)WordPress Safer Admin Plugin

This WordPress Security Plugin changes you Wp-Admin directory to Something that only you will know.This will reduce the chances of automated login attempts.This plugin is particularly for those blogs which are experiencing Unusual automated Login Attempts on their Blog.This requires you to make your .htaccess writable.


WP-Memebers is One of the Best WordPress Security Plugin that adds many membership features Including Registration,customisation,Total Content Protection for Posts,Automatic Membership Management etc.

10)Force SSl

This Plugin forces a HTTPS  connection for Security reasons.Force SSl only redirect the requests made via regular http To Trustworthy HHTPS.So it’s also a trustworthy WordPress Security Plugin Too.

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  1. Blogging has been the passion of many people when they use the Internet. However, there are instances where in their sites or blogs are hacked because of lack of security. It’s good to know that there are methods on how to protect the blogs and websites effectively from these hackers.

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