Top 10 Tips On How To Increase Pagerank

How to increase Pagerank is one of the questions that every Webmaster or Blogger wants to ask.So this post is for them who want answer to these type of questions.But before moving Further let’s know What Google Pagerank Is.

What is Google Pagerank:

Pagerank is a numeric value that represents how important a webpage is.Pagerank is a Google way Of determining How important a Webpage is.Webpages are rewarded with pagerank of 1 to 10,where a pagerank of 10 is the best and Highest and a pagerank of 1 is the least.

How the Pagerank is Calculated?

To calculate the pagerank of a Website all the inbound links are taken into account.These are links from within the site and from outside the site.

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

This is The equation used to determine the Pagrank of webpages.It is the original equation and was released when Pagerank was being developed.

Backlinks Are the Basis of Google Pagerank.Try to get quality backlinks from Authoritive  and quality websites it will help you to Increase you Pagerank and keep in Mind never Link to a pagerank 0 Site as it can also penalize your Site.

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[Info]How To Increase Pagerank?[/Info]

1. High Quality Content

It is rightly said that Content is King so try to Write something new and informative.High qulaity Content will help you In acheiving High Google Pagerank.

2. Guest Posting

The Best way of getting backlinks these days is Guest Posting.Even Google Approved it as the best method to get genuine and healthy Backlinks.Guest post on Websites with High Pagerank and which offers backlinks.Try to guest post on those sites that are same to your Niche.Guest posting is one of the best and Tiring methods of Increasing Google Pagerank.

3. Blog Commenting

Blogging is not just about posting good and informative articles,Blogging means buliding a community.In blogging community one must be socially active.Commenting on blogs is one of the best and proved way of Getting higher Pagerank.You can easily acquire backlinks by just commenting on Dofollow sites.

I have seen many cases in which many blogs got a Pagerank of 3 or 4 just By Blog Commenting.Use Proper and constructive keywords while Commenting.

4. Directory Submission

If you want Quality backlinks to your Site you must Regularly submit your Blog to Popular Directories Online.It will give you High Pagerank Backlinks and will help you to Increase your Pagerank.A hyperlink of your blog on these Directories will help you get DoFollow Backlinks and also Pass some link Juice to Your Blog that will help you to Grow and Rank Better.

There are also DoFollow Article directories online,try to post articles on those sites and Believe me it’s the best and working method to get link juice and DoFollow.

5.Link Exchange

Try to get into the Link Exchange Programs Online.This will help you get more quality backlinks to your Site,but pay attention before linking to any site otherwise you will get penalized.Also Don’t try to buy Backlinks as there are many stories of Google Banning sites for Buying Backlinks.

6. Forum Posting

Try Forum posting because Forums are regularly updated and Google Loves Regularly Updating Sites.So if you will get a Backlink from a running forum the changes of getting A good Pagerank will more increaese.But don’t Try to spam forum otherwise you will get banner and your Work will be of No use as I got Banned from Warriorforum for 15 days….lol….!!


Advertise on other sites by this way you will get some good and quality backlinks to your site and lots of traffic too.Try In text ads or banner ads.

 Advertise On Zapworld

8. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the best and Effective ways of building backlinks.You can easily get lot amount of traffic and quality backlinks to your site.You can try these Social bookmarking sites.

  1. Stumbleupon
  2. Reddit
  3. Buuddymarks
  4. Blink
  5. Digg
  6. Squidoo
  7. HubPages

9.Special Backlinks

Special backlinks from .gov,.edu sites can boost your Pagerank as these are authoritive sites and Google See’s them as Trustworthy.But getting backlinks from these sites is a hard work.You can Also try your luck on Wikipedia.

10.Internal Linking

Internal Linking can also Increase your chances of getting high pagerank,Use appropriate keywords while linking.Atleast 2-4 hyperlinks in a post will be great.

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What Not To Do to Get Higher Pagerank:-

1. No Spammy Outbound Links

Don’t link to spammy site’s as Google will also Start to see your site as a Spammy site.So try to stay as far as you can from these sites.

2.Don’t Buy links

Don’t buy backlinks to your Site as Google always keeps an eye on your blog/Website .If he will notice something unusual on your site he will penalize you and it will result in ban or Decrease of Pagerank.Don’t ever try to use black hat techniques to Increase Linkings to your Site.

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So that’s it.I have written all that i wanted to share with you.These are the Best Tips On How To Increase Pagerank.If you have some new ideas share it with us or if you have any problems Feel free to comment as  I am here only to Help you.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


    1. I am ot getting much likes or facebook shares in my website. I have tried some of the techniques but its failed. Whats the real way to get facebook likes for the website.. Kindly guide me it will be very useful and helpful to me…

  1. Hey Sourav,

    as per my knowledge, things like blog directories, link exchange, or even advertisments, are not working anymore and actually they are penalizing websites by panda and penguin, so i strongly suggest you not to use those tactics to get pagerank. The things which may work is guest posting, high quality content, blog commenting and few other ways of getting natural links. I hope you get my points. Thanks for the article

  2. Thank you for the tips to increase the page rank. Eventually every blogger has to try all these tricks to get a better PR.
    And good to hear that you received a PR4.

  3. Thanks very much i was first linking with pr 0 sites that’s why my site was having poor rank now will build backlinks with high pr sites.

  4. Hi Gautam,

    Thank you for sharing wih such details on how to get a higher page rank. Now I have a better understanding of how it works, it is time to start building my page rank up. Thanks once again and keep your pointers coming. You rock dude!

  5. Link exchange is not a right way to get PR.
    Google says the blog will be hit if reciprocating links are found.
    Content, guest posting, comments, and directory submission are best ways to get high PR.

  6. All the tips you have mentioned are really cool and worth trying . Currently my page rank is one and hope after follow you steps i would get some good results too. Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. really nice and brief post i use commentluv blogs to comment and get high pr link to my site nice work bro i check you site dailly
    but last some day way you not update any new on you blog..

  8. Great tips to increase pagerank.
    However I think that link exchanges worked once but if you do it now, it will harm your blog more than any thing. Guest posting and blog commenting are the best and only reliable way to build some backlinks and a high Pagerank.

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