Top 10 Sites In The World

There are many Websites in This World,From The Birth Of Internet But Today We Are Going To Talk About Top 10 Sites In The World.These are Some of the well-known and best sites of the World and Are now known as Top 10 Sites In The World.

This post is on the  request of some of my readers.These sites are ruling over The Virtual World Of Internet From More than 5 Years.Some Sites Are even 15 Years Old.So without wasting a Second let’s see the Top 10 Sites In The World.

Top 10 Sites In The World

1). Google

Google Is Ranked #1 in the world.The site has been  online For at least fifteen years.It is the best Search Engine ever made.It was Founded By Sergey Brin and Larry Page while both attended Stanford University.Google was first Incorporated to run as a Privately held Company On September 4 1998 and its initial offering followed on August 19 2004.

Apart  From Search Engine Google Also Provides many Services Like Google Maps,Google Docs,Google Alerts,Google Adsense,Google AdWords etc.So there’s No Question Why Google Is On No.1.It’s Because It’s On No.1 in the list Of  Top 10 Sites In The World.

2). Facebook

Facebook The Biggest And Most Popular Social Networking Site Ever.It Was Created By A Harvard Student Named Mark Zuckerberg.The Site is Online Since 1997 But It Got Popularity After 2004.Now Facebook Worth More Than $100 Billion and apart from this Facebook Needs No More Introduction as There’s No One Left Who Doesn’t Know About Facebook and this Is The Reason Why It is On The 2nd Place in In the List of Top 10 Sites In The World.

3). YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website on which people can upload,share and view Videos.It was Created By Three Former PayPal Employees In February 2005.In November 2006 YouTube was bought By Google In $1.65 Billion and it is Now Operated as subsidiary for Google.

Most of The YouTube Visitors consists of Us Residents Where Google Has Been Ranked #3.33% Of YouTube Visitors Come From USA,9% From India And The Rest From All Over The World.You should Not be Amazed By Hearing That It is The 3rd Best and Popular Site in The World.


It is an American Multilingual Internet corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale.It is Best Known For Its Web Portal,Search Engine and a Variety Of Other Services Including Yahoo Mail,Yahoo Directory,Yahoo News Etc.It was Founded By Jerry Yang and David Filo In January 1994 and Incorporated on March 1 1995.

It’s Major Amount of Traffic Comes From USA where it is Ranked #4 and it is Also Popular in Taiwan where it is ranked #1.So It is The 4Th Largest Site in The World According To It’s Traffic and Reviews.


It is a Leading Chinese Language Search Engine which provides simple and Reliable Search Experience and was first to offer WAP and PDA Based Mobile Search Engine In China.Baidu Provides an Index of 740 Million Webpages,80 Million Images,10 Million Multimedia Files and Many More.It is Ranked #1 In China and #5 In the Whole World.


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia written collaboratively by the people who use it.It is a Special Website Designed To Make Collaboration Easy.Many Peoples Are Constantly Improving Wikipedia making Thousands and Thousands Of Changes Every Hour.It is Mostly Used By The USA Peoples Where It is Ranked #7  And It is Ranked #6 In The Whole World.

7). Windows Live

Windows Live is former collective Brand Name for a set of services and set of services and products from Microsoft.The Majority Of These Web services are Web Applications that are accessible from a Browser.It widely used by the Peoples around the World So It is The World’s 7th Largest and Most Popular Site in The World.


Amazon Seeks To be Earth’s Most Customer centric company where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.It is The World’s Largest Online Store And U Can Find Here Anything You want to buy So It has been voted as The World 8th largest Site.


It is The china’s Largest and Most Used Internet Service Portal Owned By Tencent,Founded In November has become China’s Most Visited Internet Portal Website and The 9th Most Popular Website In The World.

10). Twitter

Twitter is an online Social Networking Service and Microblogging Service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages up to 140 characters which we call as tweets.It was created by Jack Dorsey In March 2006.It is Mostly Used By Webmasters,Celebrities etc and Now It is Voted as World 10th Most Visited Website.

These are Top 10 Sites In The World,If You have some Queries Then Feel Free To Comment and if you liked this article than Reward us With a Social Share.We Will Feel Glad To Hear From You.

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  1. is new to me,,last time when i looked Gmail was at about number 6 or something and QQ was not present.The Chinese sites are really growing fast

  2. Yes your post is right and and let me have top ranking blogging sites which is useful in all categories like seo, wordpress, and etc which is descending on page rank.

  3. Thanks for this, did you notice that google is the only company that have their websites among the top blogs online?

    thanks for this list, i just pray that my website gets to feature here.

  4. Well the top 3 are quite familiar to me but BAIDU is the one i learned for the first time. Well great job you have compiled a good list..

  5. Chinese always find a way to become on the top google is the best for bloggers and everyone yay
    wikipedia for doing homework and doing shopping on Amazon
    great list thanks for sharing!

  6. 1)Google : Google translator one of the best gift of Google .
    2)Facebook : I have been using it since 2009 . Best social media site ever . I have used more than 40 social media site but didn’t get comfortable like facebook
    3)You tube: It allow the webside owner to embedded their video which is really amicable .
    4)Yahoo ; Yahoo answer is really an interesting gift of yahoo where you can ask freely what you want .

  7. It’s clear to see just by looking at the sites things are getting more ‘social’ – not 100% as I expected though.

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