Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome is One of The Best Browsers Available worldwide.It is one of the most used and most Recommended Browsers.I myself Recommend Google Chrome To All.It Was Listed 1st in The Top 10 Browser 2012 List.One Of The Best Feature Of This Browser is That it is fully Customisable.So this post is about Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes.

Google Chrome Provides Themes For Free In The Chrome Store.Some of them are so amaing that you will not resist installing them.The themes database is regularly updated with great and new themes and this is making chrome on of the best browsers for pc.

Here you will get some of the most beautiful,most creative and best chrome themes.These all are personally checked by me and all who saw these themes Only said Wow!! So now it’s the time how you are rating this.Let’s see how much you like the collection of the best google chrome themes.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes

1). The Smurfs Movie

The Smurf is One Of the Best Themes For Google Chrome and Its Blue Lightish Color Make It More Beautiful to see.A Great Theme with the combination of  white and Blue Theme.You Can Get It Easily From Chrome Web Store.

2). Bob Marley

It is a Theme Dedicated To The King Of Reggae.This Theme Shows Him Together with A Lion.The Lion Is Because Of Rastafri Movement.It is an Awesome Combination Of Green,White,Red,Yellow,Green and many Other Colors.

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3). Cute Kitten Theme

A theme Based On a Cute Kitten.The Designer Really Gave a Beautiful Background to this theme making it more beautiful and Special.

4). Avatar

A Theme Made On Avatar Wallpaper and it’s Blueish color Make it more Beautiful to look.It is One Of the Best and Worth Themes To be Included In The Top 10 Best Google Chrome Themes List.

5). The Avengers Movie

A theme With All Avengers Hero In It.It Crossed a number of Downloads of 12k In a Very Short Period Of Time.In Short It is a Great Theme For Your Chrome So Without Wasting a Second Download it and Install It.

6). Mark Ecko

A great Graffiti theme by Mark Ecko The Chairman and And Chief Creative Officer of Mark Ecko Enterprises.If you are a little bit creative and Stylish Then This Theme is For You.

7). Assassins Creed III

A theme For Assassins Creed Fans.The Most Elegant and Simple Look theme with Assassins Creed III wallpaper.If You Are a Assassins Creed Lover Then You Must Love This Theme.

8). Night Time In New York City

I think You can Handle The Night..A awesome theme Displaying the Night Time In New York and It’s Beauty.A Must Theme  For Your Browser so Without Wasting A second Download It.

9). Angry Birds

Customise your Browser with an Awesome Angry Birds Theme,One Of The Best Game Ever.Download This Theme and Experience its beauty.

10). Christmas Lights Theme

A Christmas Theme With Retro Lights To Help Your Browser Have a Cool Yule.Must Try Theme For Retro Lovers and Peace Loving Peoples.

These were some of the  Best Google Chrome Themes,I hope you liked them all and if you know any theme more beautiful than these then feel free to contact us or contact us and we will update it in the list of best chrome themes as soon as possible.

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  1. Nice Collection Of Themes Gautam , That angry Bird theme is the best can u tell me how to create such awesome chrome themes…… 🙂

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