51 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer

You must be thinking on how to speed up your computer,So here you are.Am using Pc from last 5 years and seen many problems and defects in it and have seen it many times slowing down.Slowing down of Windows Pc is a very common problem but sometime  this common problems grow to its best and causes damage to your computer.We have discusses many ongoing problems of Windows pc and also have provided the fix.So this time I have come with some tips to speed up your computer.

Windows gets slow because of many problems and there can be many reasons behind it.So today i thought to share some awesome tips that can help you run your Computer smoothly.These are some well-known tips to speed up a computer.It doesn’t matter you are using Windows Xp,Windows Vista,Windows 7 Or Windows 8 these tips will surely work.

It’s not possible to cover all the tweak or tips here so if you want me to add something here then feel free to comment and we will add here.So let’s get started with the 51 ways to speed up your computer.

51 Ways To Speed Up Your Computer:-

1). Get a Genuine Copy of Windows whether it be Windows XP,Windows 7 or Windows 9 because it can harm your computer and also slow it.You need to activate it with Windows 7 Activator or windows 8 product key later and if you have any problems activating it read windows 7 Not genuine Fix.

2). Get a Pc with well configuration because low configuration Pc can be a bit slow.

3). Download Windows 7 Iso Or Download Windows 8 Pro Iso Only from Trusted sites or it is advised to buy from the retailer.

4). Install Windows 7 From Usb or directly install it from the bought DVD as it’s more safe.

5). Reserve some healthy space for the system file while partitioning the hard drive while installation.

6). Don’t install more than one operating system at a time otherwise your pc will slow down.

7). Try to install less drivers to save more space and increase performance.

8). Make as much less folders as you can because it will slow response time of your computer.

7). Use various tools to defragment your disk.

8). Always Clean up the temporary files,files from the recycle bin etc to save system space.

9). You can load up Windows faster by delaying startup programs.You can load them later.

10). You can also remove many useless startup programs by msconfig to speed up your computer.

11). Try avoiding themes if possible and try to don’t use the fancy visual effects.

12). Avoid using the startup screens to increase the speed of your computer.

13). The main cause of slow down of computers is malware and spywares.Use antivirus programs or anti-spyware programs to remove viruses.malwares and spywares.See some of the best antivirus for windows 7 or best antivirus for windows 8.

14). Don’t install more than one antivirus at a time.It will hang your pc and you will not be able to open it normally again.

15). Disable unnecessary tools,updates from your computer.

16). Uninstall unnecessary tools or softwares from your pc.

17). Uninstall unwanted pre-installed softwares that come with the operating system.

18). Update the pre-installed softwares like windows media player,internet explorer and many more to speed up your computer.

19). Try removing broken shortcuts,invalid paths and other junk materials that you don’t need.

20). Don’t keep files hidden and delete them if necessary.

21). Keep looking for temporary and unwanted files to delete them and use regular tools to find them.

22).Use some effective measures to free up ram.

23). Regular clean your internet browsing history cache and cookies to free up space.

24). Disable ports if you’re not using them.

25). Disable Search For Network files and printer.

26). Keep your bluetooth,Wireless ports off when you are not using this.

27). Use small thumbnails while browsing your pc.

28). Use Web Accelerators to pre-fetch the sites that you want to visit.

29). Always try to configure your pc with the latest and the fastest parts and hardware.

30). Increase your copying speed by using different softwares like Tera Copy.

31). Decrease the wait time for shut down if you are using Windows XP.

32). Get some more ram to increase up the load time or the performance of your computer.

33). Use only genuine Softwares and don’t go for Pirated softwares.

34). Keep monitoring your System Stats,Temperature and how it is doing.

35). Keep Your Pc at some cool place where Sunlight don’t directly hit it.

36). Avoid using screen savers in your computer.

37). Maintain a weekly record of your System Startup time and shutdown time and get rid of the problems found between.

38). Close System Restore if you don’t want a backup.

39). Run Built in Windows disk clean utility every week if possible.

40). Update your BIOS if an update is available at the manufacturer official website.

41). Use a Recommended 7200 RPM hard drive with good Space.

42). Schedule Virus Scans every week or 2 days a week.

43). Remove the extra add ons,tools bars from your internet browser.

44). Stop any software from automatically installing any suspicious thing on your computer.

45). Keep the updates on to receive regular updates.

46). Choose a Fast operating System if you can’t go with good configuration.

47). It’s better to use a small Desktop background or one with fewer colors than a Fancy Wallpaper.

48). Be away from Windows Explorer has Stopped working problem and Internet explorer has stopped working problem to avoid further problems and also know how to reinstall internet explorer and many more things.

49). Keep reading about the latest released and the latest bugs fix.

50). Go to service centre for some regular repairs like half-yearly or yearly.

51). Get a new cool pc like your new smart phone or Ipad!!

So these were some of the tips to increase your system performance and speed up your computer.I made the post very short and i know that.I missed many of the tips and tricks and tweaks that you can use to speed up your computer.But your suggestions are most welcome and we will update them as soon as possible.

This guide is just for you so help us making it big and so just comment a way by which we can speed up our computer.We are waiting so start now!!

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  1. Some great tips here! I always found it a problem with windows that it wants to run 1001 programs at once…when really I’m only asking it to do one main one at a time…

    Also, it would be great if you could do some tutorials on some of these points, too.

  2. Awesome, thanks for this helpful article. Gotta get a good cleaning app and set some time for a proper defrag.

  3. I like 30, 25, and 23 that are always useful for optimizing Pc speed. And rest of them also very useful for making a slow PC faster.. Here i would like to add Tip # 52 which is regarding Windows registry fixation. you must clean your Windows registry against errors to ensure your system does not delay in responding. The best way to clean registry errors is to use a reliable registry cleaner.. There exist a number of registry cleaners but i would recommend using CCleaner or Registry Recycler for repairing and fixing registry.

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