Simple Steps To Start your Own Youtube Channel

Social Media Sites play A great role in Increasing your Revenue And Increasing your Sales.So it is Very important for everyone to be on Social Networks.Every site has Something Unique to offer On their website.

Google’s You Tube is One of the perfect Examples.Its is the Biggest Online Directory of videos.It can Help you Share your Own Thoughts And Videos.So Being a user of You Tube is Really important.So the Question Arises how to register on YouTube And get started with your Channel.

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Lets Have A look At the You Tube Statistics:-

More 80 Million people Visit YouTube every Month From Across 45 countries and 60 Languages.About 10%of all views Come from mobile devices.

So if you wanna Market your Business And products Online You Tube Is the  final Destination.You you can review your products,Tell your Success Stories And Much more Here,and you will get a great exposure for your business on You Tube.

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1)Click On Sign Up on You Tube.

You Tube is Being Operated By Google And Needs you to sign up or sign in before can Sign in if you Have a google account you can sign in with it,otherwise you Need To Sign up.Signing up needs your  First Name/Last Name,Your Date Of birth and Email Address.Finally you will be sent  a confirmation message by You Tube.

2)Return To your Homepage Once you have Verified Your You Tube Account,you can return to your homepage.As you return on your homepage you can click on your google username on the Top-Right And Click On my channel Under You Tube menu.

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3)Creating A Channel.

After Clicking on You Tube Channel You Tue Takes You to A different Page where you Can start Your Own You Tube Channel. When You will Create A channel of yours You Tube will Allow you to upload videos.Upload Videos and get it exposed to Huge Number Of Potential Visitors.Now comes the Customization Zone.

You Tube Allows  you to customize your Own Channel and give it a  different Look.You can customize your Looks By Clicking On the appearance Tab And After that you can Change your Background Color,BAckground picture and use FBML tabs Too.After these all steps You can Start Uploading Videos And Publishing Your Videos.


You Tube also offers you To earn through your Channel.You Can Earn Through your YouTube Channel  by signing up for Adsense nd Monetizing your Videos.


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  1. Youtube is a great way to attract traffic!! To get lot of traffic I’ve recently made my Youtube channel and seeking for verification tips, so browsing through I’ve discovered this helpful post. I like this post and enjoyed the way you’ve described everything about Youtube verified method. Thanks.

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