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Do you have the Potential To Reach In Top 10 Of the Technorati Blogs.How Do they Get Tonnes Of traffic from Search engines.Top 10 Blogs Listed At Technorati Post an Average Of 50 Posts Everyday,as we don’t even manage to write a few in the whole week.They Publish in One Day what We Publish In 6 months or  more.I have Recently Done a survey On other Blogs And got the reasons Why they are Not In Top 10 List.

What Are The Reasons??

Top Blogs Publish Much More Then Any Other Blogs:

Viperchill Analyzed The Top 10 blogs on Technorati their site Age,their traffic rank,Number of words in posts,No Of daily Posts etc.they Reached On the Conclusion That These top 10 Blogs Much More Then Everyone.Huffington Post Was On Top Among All.It Posts Approximately 190 Posts Daily,and other sites manage to post 30-40 Posts Daily.They Calculate that they post at an average of 55 posts daily.


Let Us take The Example Of an Average Blogger.An Average Blogger Posts An average Of 1 Post Daily.So his site will Get a Maximum 320 Posts In a Year and in 5 years 1500 Posts.On the Other Side These Top 10 Blogs Post 1500 Posts Just In a Month.So what They Published in One Month You Published in 5 years.

So do you Think You Can Compete with these Top 10 Blogs.In a time OF 5 years Top 1o blogs Posts nearly 90,000  whereas we manage to post Only 1500.So now you can Compare their And yours Site.

Then The Question Arises How To become A top Blog…..??

What If They post More…??

As they Publish More they Get Indexed More And Gets More Traffic,Links And Pagerank.Mini Traffic From All the Pages Can Add And Become A percentage Of Major Traffic To These Blogs.So Simply It Means That Their Posting Gives them A nice Pagerank And Traffic Too.

Can You Manage To Publish 50 posts Everyday…??

Writing 50 Posts Every Day  Is Not A child’s Job.It is Just Impossible For An Average or a single Blogger To Post 50 Quality Posts Everyday.Where Will you Find The content For 50 Posts…??

You Can Publish New Stories First.

It Depends On who Gets The Stories First and Publishes It First.If a top Blog gets a News Forst And Publishes It and every blogger Know About it then Then They will Provide links To him and He will Get More popular.So the Point Is that Who Can Publish The Post First.This Will Give Them Higher page rank And Authority.

Why You Cannot Publish Content First…??

Fast Posting needs Sources and people’s to track  latest news from thousands Of sources.This requires a team of editors,copywriters,bloggers and Seo experts,which means you need to hire officials and Pay them.And of course you will need a larger sum to do this all.

So Is your Site among the Next Top 10 Sites And can you post  up to 50 articles daily if yes  just Start, and tell us your Blog Story, and if you get some problem feel free to Comment and we will try our best to help You.

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