Risks in connecting Smartphone with Public Wi-Fi ; And How to combat it?

The combination of Smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity takes you to the top of the world, with every single piece of information under your hand. However connecting your Smartphone through Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be proven very risky. Research indicated that majority of the people are aware of the potential risks involved in using public Wi-Fi connections but they do not take any safety measures.So These Are Some Safety Measures To Combat The Risks.

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[Info]Risks in using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots[/Info]

Risks involved with the Wi-Fi hotspots are due to the technology it is using. Wi-Fi technology works like radio where the whole process works on the airwaves. However the main issue with Wi-Fi hotspots in comparison to the traditional radio services is because of the nature of data browsed, transmitted and send out in Wi-Fi connections is private in nature.

Public Wi-Fi hotspot like radio sends the waves in all the directions, therefore risk of someone catching your signals and getting access to the information inside your Smartphone are very high. Likewise in some cases fraudster creates fake gateways, try to hook up your device with their fake connection and then track your data and passwords. However this process is not so simple, this needs know how of some languages & softwares and command over networking.

However you cannot fool yourself by assuming that such experts would not be present in the public places. In reality such fraudsters presents in every second public place with Wi-Fi connectivity, because they want to exploit this loophole in the technology. Therefore it is essential that you follow some safety measures.

Minimize the use of Public Wi-Fi

System security experts suggests that you should not use public wi-fi or minimize it use unless you are confident that the activity of the users are legitimate; or the Wi-Fi hotspot is featured with advanced security protocols.

Moreover one should use only generic applications while working through public wi-fi, while the private applications and files having sensitive data should not be opened in such unsecure network environment.


Most of the internet users are not able to differentiate between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTPS stands for hyper text transfer protocol while additional S shows data secure layer. When you go through https webpage so this means that the data you transmit through the web is encrypted. Even if unauthorized person or device gets access to data they will not be able to read and interpret it.

When you’re Smartphone is connected through the Public Wi-Fi so you should make sure that you are defensive in giving the sensitive information like your passwords, bank account number or credit card numbers etc. Where it is necessary to give such information so make sure that the url of that particular page shows the HTTPS prefix and a padlock, which means that you are going through a secure data transfer.

Get Secured Wi-Fi connection through VPS

Virtual private network is a great way to approach public wi-fi through a secured connection. In comparison to HTTPS, VPN provides you a secured user experience on each and every webpage and application.

Your device is connected to internet through VPN server where all your data is encrypted no matter you use Public W-Fi or any other unsecured network. When you are using VPN you are out of the restrictions imposed by the public wi-fi hotspot.

So These Were Some Securits Tips To Combat Risks While Connecting To Public Wi-Fi.So i Think You loved These and If We Left any Point Feel Free To Comment And If You Liked This Reward Us With A Stumble.

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