The Risks Of Rooting Your Android Phone

If you own an android driven smart phone than you must be knowing about the term rooting.You must have got a whole new brand phone and must be looking for some of the coolest games and themes.Your android phone will support most of the games and themes of the play store,but what about some special games and custom themes?You must be getting bored of some of the annoying features of your android phone and thinking to get rid of it.Software Manufacturers and mobile network operators impose software limitations,but these limitations can be overruled by the method of rooting.

So If You haven’t heard of rooting yet than you must be thinking what the hell this rooting is? and how it can help me and what are its advantages and what are its disadvantages?It is Trustworthy or not and it will work or not?It is legitimate or not?These are some of the questions that will come in your mind.So This Article is the answer to all your questions.

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What Is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones,tablets and other devices running android operating system to attain privileged control also known as “root access” within Android Subsystem.It is often done with the goal of overcoming limitations that hardware manufacturers and carriers put on some devices resulting in the ability to alter or replace system applications,run specialized apps,alter settings etc.

In simple words you can also say that it gives you the privileges to modify the software code on android device or install other software that the manufacturer doesn’t allows you to install normally.

Rooting can be of great use and can do harm to your mobile system too.It has both advantages as well has disadvantages.Moost of You must be aware of the advantages of Android Rooting but you must be knowing less how rooting can harm your device.There are many risks while rooting an Android Phone.

Some Advantages of Rooting:-

  1. Increase Performance
  2. Removes Bloatware
  3. Give Access To Restricted Settings
  4. Provides Security
  5. Give Proper updates and you can update even to latest Version

Risks While Rooting Android Phone:-

  1.  Rooting Voids Phone Warranty-Rooting Voids Your Smartphone Warranty.One You Rooted your android device company will not be liable to any harms done.You will lose the warranty offered by The Company while buying the phone and will be left with nothing.
  2. Can Turn Your Smartphone into a brick-If you are not fully introduced with the term rooting and if you are trying to root your android phone without proper knowledge than your phone will be left only like a brick.So get the full procedure first and root only if you are sure of it.
  3. Poor Performance-Rooting is mostly done with the intention to increase your android phone performance but most time it harms your device performance.You keep in mind that you can add additional features and most times you lose features  as well as device speed.
  4. Malware or Virus Breach-One of the biggest risks while rooting an android phone is the risks of getting infected and viruses.After rooting you need to have best android antivirus which can protect your device from the malware attacks.After rooting your device becomes more vulnerable to viruses.So if you are rooting keep in mind to install a good mobile antivirus.

Over To You:-

Now its over to you what you want to do,you want to root or not.There are many risks in rooting android phone but in most cases if you follow the procedure safely you can easily root your device.Most of the android phones in the market supports rooting and their rooting guides can also be found online like Samsung android phones,Nexus etc.

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  1. Android rooting has benefits as well as harm… 🙁

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  2. from this post i have learned that rooting has same advantages and disadvantages thanks for the share

  3. Very useful post. Rooting gives us the privileges to modify the softwrae code on android device. Rooting have some advantages and also some disadvantages. But you also discussed good about rooting. Thanks for sharing information about the rooting.

  4. Hi,I don’t know much about rooting but i wanna Root my phone .So there are certain Questions i my mind Please Answer–
    1.Is there any way if anything happen to my phone i can restore it in out of the box condition ?
    2.Which type of backup should i choose before rooting?
    3.What is bricking?
    4.Can i unroot my phone again to get full warranty ?
    5.Can i restore my phone after bricking?
    6.Is there any way to get full permission without rooting?

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