Pagerank Update November 2012-Zapworld Now Pr3

Google Recently Updated Pagerank On 8th November 2012 and Zapworld Got a Pagerank Of 3.I was Feeling Like I was On the 7th Sky and there was no End To My joy.

Google Keeps Updating Pagerank After Every 3 Months.Last time when Google Updated Its Pagerank Was August 2012 and Now after 3 months It Updated Pagerank  And You can Say Luckily Or Because Of My Hard Work Zapworld Got A Pagerank Of 3.


What is Pagerank?

Pagerank Is a numeric value that represents how important a webpage is?Pagerank is a Google way of determining A Webpage Importance.It’s a Google Method Of Rewarding Websites.Webpages are rewarded with a Pagerank of 0 to 10 where 0 is the least and 10 is highest.

It Is A Great achievement For Zapworld As it Got a Pagerank of 3 In A very Short period OF Time.I Bought this Domain on 12th February 2012 but i was busy in Creating A Site that let’s you Download Movies For Free but after sometime i felt that it’s a waste of Time and Started With Zapworld in June.

There are Lots Of methods Out There To Increase Pagerank Of your Blog And The One That Worked For Me Was Blog Commenting.Blog Commenting Really Helped Me In Getting Backlinks From High Pagerank Sites.If you Also Want Tips On How To Increase Pagerank You Can Read This Simple  And Informative Post.

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Goals For Future:

  • Will Do More Guest Posts
  • Concentrate More On Post Quality And Quantity.
  • Redesign The Site.
  • More Blog Commenting
  • Increase Post Frequency.

We Got a 3 What About you Friends Feel Free To Share Your Views And Pagerank With Us.Keep visiting And Commenting We are Here Only For You!

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Today is my saddest day , There is no pr increase for my site . I thought of getting atleast PR 1 , but now i have to wait another atleast 3-4 month. Also today i found out , Akismet marking my comment as spam. what a bad times for me. Well admin i hope you will mark my comment as not spam.


    1. Hmm…don’t worry You will surely get Pagerank…i think you must do guest posting as I did and you can start it from this blog….and am very sad to tell that Akismet is marking your comments as u need to do something about this.Best Of Luck.

  2. congratulations to get such a high pr in such a short time. but it is more important and difficult to keep the pagerank rather than increasing it. we would also like to read your share about what you have done from the beginning of your website until now in detail, so that we can learn from your achievment as well. i will keep following you for the updates.

  3. Wow, you’re amazing, getting PR3 in such a short time is indeed amazing.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to PR5 Zapworld.

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