Nokia Smart Cam Out For Lumia 720!

Hello friends and I Gautam Kumar welcome all of you too my technology blog and the today first time I am writing these welcome lines in any of my posts and the reason is am very happy today.I have a Lumia 720 and few days ago I updated my with the latest Amber Update but Nokia Smart Cam for Lumia 720 was missing and I was in deep shock that how a high-end phone like Lumia 720 is not having Nokia Smart Cam in it.

I checked many of the forums,questions and answers community sites but there was no sign of any information.I also checked Nokia site and Nokia Forum but still no sign of Smart Cam for Lumia 720.I called many of my friends and asked them they all confirmed that their Lumia devices excluding 720 has got Smart Cam.So I thought my lumia is not going to get it.After updating my phone with the Lumia Amber Update it was missing many things like Double tap to wake and Smart Cam.

After reading all the information on the web i came to the conclusion that Lumia 720 is not gonna get Nokia Smart Cam.Then I read somewhere about SysApp Pusher that updates with the software updates on your lumia devices and installed it.After checing with it Windows Marketplace was showing that Nokia Smart Cam is not compatible with Lumia 720 so i thought it’s not going to come on Lumia 720 and I was planning to go For Lumia 1020 or android phones like Micromax Android Phones or Samsung Android Phones

Today at 13:20 i was just checking my phone and thinking about Smart Cam then don’t know why I thought to check for Nokia Smart Cam and when I checked i was like OMG! Nokia Smart Cam was ready to install and i was very happy.I have just installed Nokia Smart Cam and am here to share all with you about how you can install it too and what features it has.

If you also own a Lumia 720 then download Nokia Smart Cam now on your phone from the here.So if you have downloaded let’s get started with Nokia Smart Cam and i know you all must be excited.So lets see how it is like and what it can do!

There are many things that you can do with your Nokia Smart Cam and I don’t want to spoil your excitement with my so many words and tutorial on how to use and what to do because Smart Cam already opens with tutorial.So enjoy and download it now and leave your feedback below and here are some of the pics that you will get when you will open your Nokia Smart Cam on Lumia 720.

Action Shot Blur Focus

So these were some of the tutorial pics From Nokia Smart Cam that is available for Nokia Lumia 720.So download it now and use it and don’t forget to share your feedback and what do you think about it and what can be done to make it more awesome.We will be waiting and don’t forget to share with your friends and don’t forget to participate in Idm Serial Key giveaway.

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  1. I think NOKIA mobiles are getting there fame back once again with there highly featured lumia mobile . Last month i also purchased Nokia mobile and functions are really nice .

  2. Im impressed. I dont believe Ive met anyone who knows as a lot about this subject as you do. Youre truly nicely informed and really intelligent. You wrote something that folks could recognize and created the subject intriguing for everybody. Truly, excellent blog youve got here.

  3. It is very good good camera phone for it’s time, but Nokia rested on the N8 and it’s camera to try and ride it to success. The Nokia site had articles and articles about photos (editing, taking, landscapes, closeups, etc…) that went on Ad Nauseam. There were only certain numbers of people who were going to buy the phone beacause of it’s camera. Unfortunately, it seemed as though Nokia attempted to convince many more that the camera was more to them that it was. Now that Nokia Phones are transitioning to MiCrokia Phones, it will be interesting to see if they can really differentiate themselves or if they keep trying the same old things to try and interest new customers.

    1. Nokia is coming up with many new things and Windows phones are one of those.Htc have windows phone too but Lumia series above 620 is just awesome.Lumia 520 and 620 are also good but they miss small things like front camera and flash otherwise they are awesome too.I am using Lumia 720 and I have 3 android phones in my home and most of then end Hanging at the end of the day but Lumia is just awesome and i think it is one of the best phones too.I know you don’t get much privileges like Android but it’s the only thing that makes window Unique and i recommend Windows phone to all over Android.

  4. hello gautam,
    I m in search of smartphone so;

    what is minimum ram required in a smartphone?
    what is minimum internal memory required in a smartphone

    both above for smooth basic functioning like whats app, social blogging, run a quite few games

    because I want to buy a smartphone with budget under 10000
    shuld I go for indian brands

    1. Minimum RAM must be 1GB,Minimum Internal Storage must be 4 But don’t go before 8 if you want to play games, And Micromax Canvas can be a great deal for you.Search my blog for Micromax Android phones below rs10000

  5. thanks a ton gautam for your frequent reply,

    should I go for lumia 520 or micromax canvas 2 ?

    lumia 520 has 8 gb internal memory but 512 mb ram
    I like windows 8 on my laptop but not sure about windows app store but yet I just need good social apps, basic apps and few entertainment games ( I m not a hardcore gamer)

    I have listened that battery life of micromax is not good

  6. That’s great, but why no just combine all of the apps in just one.
    Nokia smart cam, Nokia panorama , GlamMe, Creative Studio, and Photobeamer !
    too annoying each time you need a feature you have to Google which app you’re gonna need to use!
    put everything in one app and make our lives easier!!!
    Many thanks and Best wishes!

  7. im impressed , it is very goog camera phone, this is the revolution of the camera and this is an opportunity for Nokia to catch its competitor

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