The Nokia Lumia Amber Update Is Here!!

Am enjoying my Nokia Lumia phone and it’s more awesome than I expected and having some good times with my Nokia lumia 720.My Happiness increased to heights when I checked on Nokia Official site that they are rolling some updates on the Nokia lumia phones called lumia Amber update.It has hell lot of features to offer and your windows phone will be more smarter and faster than before and just because of this I thought to share this news with the readers of my site.

With this news most of the Lumia users grew anxious about getting this update and what it is offering and what changes will see and when is it finally going to come for all the Lumia phones.There are many questions that must be coming to your mind right now if you own one of the great Lumia series phones.This Lumia Amber Update is limited to some certain Lumia handsets including 520,620,720,820 and above.

Nokia Lumia devices will get the Lumia Amber Update and Lumia phones above 820 are getting Nokia Pro Camera App.So no is going disappointed in this update because Nokia has reserved something special for everyone out there with a Lumia phone.If you are already enjoying with your windows 8 phone then your enjoyment is love towards your phone is going to increase after this update.So now let’s see what this Lumia Amber Update is ¬†and how it is going to affect the Nokia Windows phones and what they are offering and when and to whom.

What Is Lumia Amber Update And What’s New In It?

Lumia Amber Update is one of the upcoming updates from Nokia for its Lumia Series Phones.It will be available for only some selected phones and after this update you will see some cool changes on your Lumia phone and you will must feel special.The lumia Amber Update is limited to 520,620,720,820 and above phones only.According to sources this update was going to be launched only but for testing purpose in different countries it is taking so much time.

The expected date to roll this date was 12th August but the day have already left so the question arises now when it is going to come.The update is rolling in selected countries first on the selected handsets.It is expected that it will touch all the windows 8 phones until the last of September.

Nokia has officially updated that this Lumia Amber update is coming first on Lumia 920,820 and 620 and it will be soon available for 720 and 520.I am lumia 720 proud owner and just because of this news am sad too.But this is not a news to be sad because this update will simple change the Windows phone and the meaning of Windows 8 Phones.

What will we get in Lumia Amber Update:-

Lumia is offering many additional tools,features and apps in this Lumia Amber Update.Peoples all over the world are excited about this and thinking what will they get in the upcoming Amber Update.So here are some of the answers.

Better Camera Capabilities

You will be able to click some more awesome pictures after this update.You will get even better shots with the improved auto focus.You will get new capabilities with the noise reduction features and many more.You will even get Nokia Smart camera with which you can click pics in motion and choose the best shot. Lumia 925 or above will get pro camera app and now you will be able to click pics like a Pro.

Nokia Glance Screen

Nokia glance screen is one of the things am waiting for eagerly and want to see that on my phone as soon as possible.Nokia glance screen returns with the Lumia Amber Update and now your phone doubles as a clock with day and night modes keeping you up with the pace of the battery.But unfortunately this update will not be available for the Lumia 520.

Flip To Silence And Double Tap To Wake

This is one of the best features that Nokia is coming with and i am very excited about it.Isn’t it cool that your phone will get unlocked just by tapping twice?Your call will go in mute just by flipping the phone.It was available in Nokia phones and after the users asked for it Nokia finally going to bring it to the Lumia phones after the Amber Update.

Storage,Apps And Maps Updates

We will get awesome updates for storage,installed apps and maps.You can get full handling over your phone and add and remove what you want.Get fast browsing,fast navigation and many more things after this Lumia Amber Update.

Fm Radio

The most awaited Fm radio will come at Windows 8 driven Lumia series.It is one of the things that was seriously missing from the Lumia phones.Now you can plug-in and tune in your favourite radio stations with an awesome interface and clean and clear stereo sound.Lumia radio will not be available for Lumia 620,810,928.

The update has started rolling and now is rolling on Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 in the selected countries and will be in your country soon with these cool updates so just be updated with the new and your Windows lumia phone.Let me know which lumia phone you are using and you got any update or not.

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  1. I have a lumia 720. I live in bangladesh. When’ll i get the amber update? Why can’t i make the amber update without wifi connection?

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