Nokia Lumia 525 Wp8 Phone With Specifications

So the wait is over and the new Nokia Lumia 525 has been announced.It has been announced officially and is going to be one of the best Windows phones ever.Lumia 520 was one of the best sellers from Nokia and now Lumia 525 is out.Nokia is announcing many Windows phone one by one and recent were Nokia Lumia 1520 and 1320.

Nokia Lumia 525 Official Listing includes three regions Africa,Asia and Middle and Pacific East.Announcement dates of Nokia Lumia 525 is not announced yet but rumours are that it will be announced soon.Lumia 525 is going to be a low-budget Windows 8 Phone with 1GB RAM.Most of the Nokia lumia phones below $400 are having 512 MB of RAM but that’s enough to run a Windows 8 Phone.

Windows phone doesn’t requires lots of RAM to run apps and games but If you have 1 GB RAM in your Windows phone then it’s really going to be magical.You will be able to play games like Halo and other big Windows 8 Games and you are going to get all these in the new Windows Lumia 525.So here are some of the Lumia 525 specification details.

Nokia Lumia 525 Specifications

1). Design

The new Nokia Lumia 525 is 119.9 mm in height and 64 mm in width.It has a thickness of 9.9mm and weight of 124 grams.It is so light weight that you will not even feel it in your hands.

It has WVGA(480×800) IPS LCD Display of 4 Inch with aspect ratio of 15:9.It has all Lumia display features including Brightness control,Lumia Color Profile and orientation sensor.It is fully equipped with super sensitive touch technology and has sensors including Accelerometer,Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor.

The input method is touch as all the lumia phones and operating keys are Camera key,Lock/Power keys and volume keys and the form factor is Monoblock Touch.

2). Hardware

Nokia Lumia 525 is a single sim phone with bluetooth 4.0.It is powered by a 1430 mAh battery which removable unlike Lumia 720.It has a maximum standby time of 14 days and maximum talk time of  16 hours in 2G and 10.6 hours in 3G data mode.It is powered by a 1GHz dual core Snapdragon S4 Processor.

It runs on 1GB RAM and has 8GB of internal space as all of the lumia phones and it is expendable up to 64GB with the help of SD Cards.With Lumia 525 you will get a free cloud storage of 7GB.

3). Software And Applications

You will get to see many productivity features  and apps on your device.There will be many pre-installed productivity features like Calender,Clock,Social Network in Phonebook,One Note Wallet etc.You will get to see many business apps like Skydrive,Adobe Acrobat reader,Lync and many office apps like Word,Excel,One Note and Powerpoint.

Document formats supported are PDF,Word,Excel,Powerpoint and One Note.You will get Windows 8 Black Firmware update 3 installed on your device with game features like Direct X11,Touch UI,XBox Live-Hub.

4). Sharing And Internet

Internet Explorer 10 comes pre-installed in Lumia 525.You can install social apps like WhatsApp,Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter etc.You can share photos over bluetooth,email as attachments,Picasa,Flickr,Skype etc.You can share videos over YouTube Skdrive,Facebook etc.

With Internet sharing you can share your internet connection with 8 Wi-Fi Devices.Location sharing includes WP Location sharing and Foursquare.

5). Navigation

Many location and navigation apps comes pre-installed like Here Maps,Here Transit,Here Drive.The device comes with many navigation features like public transportation guidance,pin places to start screen,reveal the surrounding places,Live traffic information etc.

Location and navigation apps keeps you updated with all the required information’s on route and traffic and the device is fully equipped with location technologies like A-GPS,A-GLONASS,Cellular and WI-FI network positioning.

6). Photography

Lumia handsets are known for its camera capability and the awesome pictures they take and the things are same with Lumia 525 too.Lumia 525 will come with a 5MP camera but it lacks front camera and flash.The main camera focus type is Auto-focus with two stage capture key and has a digital zoom of 4x.

Some of the main camera features are Landscape orientation,Touch Focus,Geotagging,Full Screen Viewfinder,Automatic photo upload,active toolbar and many other awesome features.Some of the photographic apps that you can use on Nokia Lumia 525 are Nokia Smart Cam,Nokia Cinemagraph,Panorama Lens,Nokia Glam Me and photobeamer.

7). Music,Audio And Video

For Nokia Music and Video you have apps like Music+Video and Nokia Music.You can also download music of your wish from the Nokia Music.Nokia MixRadio is the updated of Nokia Music and it is the only place you will get all the hit tracks of your choice for free.Lumia devices comes with a subscription of 6 Months or 12 Months for downloading music so have fun with it.

Lumia devices also got Radio after the recent Lumia Amber Update and the radio features include Internet Radio and FM Radio.The camera video resolution is 720p and the camera video rate is 30fps.Main Video camera features includes YouTube streaming and Video Streaming and it’s video features includes Video Zoom and continuous Auto-Focus while recording.

There are many other things that you are going to get with the Nokia Lumia 525 and it is estimated that it will come for $199 off contract.So I think this is a good buy and you all must go for it and if you are having any questions feel free to ask questions in comments.

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