Nokia 3310 Gets 41 MegaPixel Windows Phone MakeOver

Nokia 3310 is one of the most successful mobile phones from Nokia and was released in year 2000.More than 125 Million devices were sold and people are still crazy about this device but Nokia has stopped manufacturing Nokia 3310 so unfotunately you will not find this device in market now.

A small group of Nokia Fanatics worked on the device and now it is making a modern comeback with a complete Windows Phone Makeover and 41 MP Camera.The device is coming in many colors like Blue,Yellow,Green and Red.Nokia 3310 will be a complete Touch screen phone but it will still have a Windows Phone Home Button.


App Folder and Live Tiles are supported in device and you can have the fun of using an Windows Phone.Nokia Enginners worked as hard they could to acheive creating an unthinkable and completely new version of Nokia 3310.It has 2GB RAM and 32 GB On-Board storage.

You can also insert an SD Card and increase the total memory of you device.The first device will rollout with 3G connectivity while LTE devices will follow later in the year.The Nokia 3310 will come pre-loaded with four games Space Impact,Snake II,Pairs II and Bantumi.According to Norman Gage Nokia was working on this device from last 5 years and atlast they have completed the device and it is ready to be sold in market.


According to the Nokia Engineers you can officially upgrade your Nokia 3310 to Windows Phone layout.It has not been made clear how will they get 41 MP camera and you totally know what does this means.Today is 1st April and today is April Fools Day and this is a new prank from Nokia as last year Nokia came with Nokia Microwave having Windows Phone Makeover.


It was not easy to come up with such an awesome idea like Nokia 3310 Makeover and many even beleived this prank from Nokia.Nokia will be coming with more Pranks in future and hope you all will enjoy this.Let us know what do you think about this Prank by Nokia and did you really fell for it or you already knew that it was a prank by Nokia.

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