Know The Installation Date Of your Windows

There are many Faults coming and going on pc  and Sometime you may need the OS installation date. You may want to know how old is your OS or any other information related to your system. Windows does not provide direct information about the installation date of installation of your OS.

You can easily download windows and also get windows 7 product key and install them.But It’s not easy to see the installation date of windows and in cases you need It.So there are many ways to know the installation date of windows.

You can view the date of OS installation from command prompt by giving some syntax to it.With following command you can view whole detail about the manufacturer and about your OS. In this tutorial I am focusing to installation date of Windows.

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Open command prompt window by going to Run and type “cmd” (without quotes).
Input “systeminfo” command to it.

It Will Look Up for system Information And will load the result below the input.

Here You will find the Date for your Installation,Model Name, Product Code, Bios Version etc If you have any further queries feel free to comment and we will try to Reach to you as fast as possible.

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