Some Common Problems that Jellybean Users face

Android Platform is the most used Smartphone and Tablet Operating Systems and Jellybean is the latest released Version. Some reasons of its immense popularity are Millions of Apps for Users, Open Source, Simple and User friendly working.

Most people won’t ever face a serious trouble with their Android Phone if they stick to just using it for Calling and Browsing, but if you are one of those who download and install number of apps a day can surely face some problems. The latest Android version being the Android 4.2.2 which was first seen on the Galaxy S4, however, most of the Android Phones that you’ll see around you will be running the 4.1.X version of Android OS.

The team of Android tries to fix bugs and known errors before releasing the OS but Software is Software. There will always be some unknown and hidden issues that will come to notice only in hands of the user.

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In this article you’ll find some common issues with the Android 4.2.2 along with their solutions.These are the issues faced by most of the android users using jellybean on their device.

Some Common Jellybean Problems:-

Phone Freezes and Reboots

In this case your phone starts freezing and rebooting randomly. Possible reason can be an incompatible app. The problem is that your phone is updated and is running the latest Android but some of your apps might be having trouble with getting fit to this change i.e. the apps might not be compatible with the latest Android and does be causing these troubles.

Some Steps for Solution

  1. Try manually rebooting your device by pressing and holding the power button and waiting a moment and then restarting.
  2. Try removing the apps on your Android Phone one by one and find out which app was responsible for this issue.
  3. Go on and backup everything (Contacts, messages, settings etc.) and then do a factory reset and install one of the best antivirus for android.

Battery Drains Rapidly

Well, this is not an error that might be caused at the software level only. If your phone battery drains quickly than first check your battery (I recommend using Original batteries). Take out the battery from your phone and place it on a levelled and smooth plane (glass table), now try to spin the battery, if it makes several rotations and you feel the battery surface coming out then replace the battery at once. Irregular surface of a phone battery indicates that it is no healthier.

If your battery is fine then you can now focus on tackling the software level issues.

Some Possible Steps to resolve the issue

  1. Go to Settings > Battery and looks for the apps that you think is responsible for battery drain. Once you find such an app, stop it and notice the change.
  2. I recommend using the Du Battery Saver to help you increase battery time.

Wi-Fi problems

         Well, this problem is quite common on several Android Phones. It’s not obvious that this problem be caused by an issue with your device but the Wi-Fi router could be responsible for this. Try connecting some other Android device with that router and see if the Wi-Fi connection drops or not. If it doesn’t, then your router is fine but the issue is in your device. Let’s troubleshoot this.

  1. Try restarting your Android Phone.
  2. Forget the Wi-Fi network and connect again.
  3. Switch Off and On the router.
  4. Go to “Settings > Wi-Fi > Menu > Advanced” and check if the “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” option is ticked or not. If it is ticked, un-tick it.

Here were some common problems that most Android Users face at least once.And You can easily get rid of these problems too.If you have any problems or queries feel free to ask in comments.

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  1. This is too much to cope with, I’m thinking of switching to iOS. The newer version is much better than Android, I think.

  2. Yeah Arjun freezing and rebooting are most common problems but now I have sorted out the problem thanks to your post..

  3. Out of your post I loved the trick of knowing battery healthy or not via rotating it on surface. Sometimes we need to know whether there is issue with battery in physical or software bug. Thanks for the useful solution of problems.

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