Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working-How To Fix!!

Today is got this message “Internet explorer Has Stopped Working” and i was like what the hell happened?I was clicking on that continuously and it was not closing and now i started thing what is this and why is it happening.Let me explain all to you,my Pc was all fine and all was going ok and this happened at once and i was doing some important work and i lost it and it didn’t even came in history.

There are many reasons behind these problems and today we all are here to discuss why do we get Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Message and the Internet Explorer stops responding.I have seen Internet Explorer giving many reason for shutting down.They mostly give these 2 reasons for their closing.

  • Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working
  • Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  • A problem caused the program to stop work correctly.Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

If you are getting any of these messages than this post is really for you and here you will come to know why it is happening and what’s the reason behind it.You need to take a look at all the possibilities and then come to a conclusion.

Internet Explorer can go down because of many reasons and sometime resetting also doesn’t helps.Many times you can solve this issue by resetting or by clearing cache and more things.In this post now we will discuss how to solve this issue of “Internet explorer Stopped Working”.

How To Fix Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Issue!!

1). Registry Errors

Sometimes registry errors can also cause these problems and it can be done by fixing registry errors.There are many programs available to do this.

2). Addons Issue

Addons helps in enhancing the browsing experience but sometimes lots of addons or infected addons can downgrade browsing experience and can result in Internet explorer not responding and thus you will get dialog message saying Internet Explorer has stopped working.

3). Infected Pc Or Malwares

Internet explorer is very handy browser and is used in daily basis for doing various things like browsing,shopping and making transaction but i have experience that Internet Explorer can’t handle much pressure as google chrome and so it was on 3rd in top 10 browser list.So it is advised to keep your pc malware and virus free so that you can get most out of the Internet Explorer.

4) Reinstall Internet Explorer

Many times the issue can be solved by just reinstalling Internet Explorer,but many Peoples don’t know how to reinstall Internet Explorer but it’s pretty easy.

5). Temporary Files

You must not be aware that your Pc has a temporary named folder which saves cache files and other temporary files.By the passing time their Properties even grows to 5-8 Gb and thus you will see a slow down in your pc speed and internet speed.So it is advised to clean these temp files regularly.

6). Activate Windows

Many times we see that we use pirated version of windows and thus we have to face many difficulties.So it is advised to get windows 7 activation key or windows 8 product key to activate windows or if you have windows 8 you can also know how download windows 8 pro iso and how to activate windows 8.

So these were some of the tips on how to fix Internet Explorer has stopped working problem and whenever it comes do check your Pc with these measures.I am sure your Internet Explorer Will be ok again and will start working fine.

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