How To Shut Down Windows 8-Complete Guide With Steps

Have you just got Windows 8 installed and after working on it want to know how to shut down Windows 8 ? I think yes this is the same you are thinking and googling about.It’s not a bad thing but in Windows 8 Os taskbar setting has been changed a little so many are getting this problem and they are struggling to shut down Windows 8.

It was the day when i installed Windows 8 on my lappy and didn’t knew how to activate windows 8 but activated it by using windows 8 product key and start using it.After sometime i thought it’s the time now to shut down the lappy and take some rest but Splash! I didn’t find any shut down button in windows 8.So i got worried and left it in sleep position by using the Lid down feature.After some days I got to know it from my friend how to shut down windows 8 and you will not believe but it was a great relief for me.

Then i started googling about it and found that many Windows 8 users are facing this problem so i thought i need to help them as I also passed from that.So now am here as your host to teach you how to shut down windows 8.It’s not really a big task but needs some attentions and some piece of mind.After that incident i found many ways to shut down my Windows  8 laptop.So today i am going to share with you some tips and tricks on how to shut down windows 8.

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How To Shut Down Windows 8?

1). Close all the open applications of your Pc or Lappy,because if you leave some open they can cause problem while shutting down windows 8 and your system will be forced to shut down which can cause data loss and many problems.

2). Open the Charms Bar.You can open it from hovering your mouse to the top right corner in Windows 8 or you can also use Windows + C button combination from the keyboard to do it.

3). Then click on the setting charm and then on Power charm.

4). Then you will be provided with many options and from their you can choose to shut down.

Isn’t this interesting and looking long too but what can we do all that can be done is in hands of Microsoft Officials.If you want some more methods to shut down your windows 8 then we are here with them.Just Sit back and watch!!

 Some More Methods:-

1). Go to your desktop by Windows+D.

2). Now right-click on the desktop and Select New>Shortcut.

3). Now a shortcut menu will appear.Now write “shutdown /s /t 0” in the box and hit next.

4). Enter the name and then finish it.Now shortcut will be created on the desktop.

5)Now select the shortcut.exe or whatever name you specified and then right-click and properties and change icon.

6). Now pin that to start menu so that you can easily shut down your Windows 8 driven Pc.


1). Open Windows 8 start menu and search for “Power Button”.Now Click On Setting to view the results.

2). Now click on “Change what the power button do” and then the control panel will open with settings.

3). Now you can choose how you want to use the power button.In default it is set to Sleep but you can set it to Shut Down.

4). So now every time you will click the power button your lappy Will Shut down.

So these were some of the tricks you can use to shut down Windows 8.So stay tuned with our blog for the latest updates and if you have any new trick or guide feel free to contact us and don’t forget to express your views via comments.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. never thought anyone would write article on this topic..many people say windows 8 sucks but and the reason is that they are unable to find options in windows 8 but i say once you start using it you will get addicted. it has great boot time (not more than 10 sec) and shut down time (2 sec in my laptop)..also it has great look and features like multitasking and finally i got rid of that IE and windows media player,,,

  2. Recently I installed Windows 8 on my lappy. So far it seems fine. Don’t know why people are not happy with this OS. BTW Great Guide you have written Gautam Bro.

  3. I agree with you Prabhat.
    I hardly have given it a thought that anyone would write on this topic.
    It seems quite simple to write for.
    However, boot time for windows 8 is far more good than that for windows 7.

  4. i think this window is best so far. easy to navigate. ya i agree in early stage we all face problems but later it will be easy to understand because of its amazing features. i love its home screen.

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