How to Repair Windows 7

Have your windows pc got corrupted and need repair and don’t know how to repair windows 7?Is Your operating system missing files or your windows 7 iso file is corrupted and want to repair windows 7.If Yes than you are on the right place and we will help you repair your windows 7.

Sometimes due to our mistake; like, accidentally deleting system files and sometimes due to other programs, our system may face problems. It may stop working properly or may stop working completely.But you don’t need to worry as we have the right steps to fix your Operating System.

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There are many tools that you can use to repair your windows 7.One of them is startup windows 7 repair tool.The Start-up Repair Windows 7 tool can repair the Operating System and can Fix Windows 7 Errors by replacing the corrupted system files with working files from your original Windows 7 DVD and activating with windows 7 activation key.

How To Repair Windows 7

Resources required to repair Windows 7?

1. Your Windows 7 DVD that you used to install the Operating System on your computer.

2. A bit of patience. You will just need to work with a few simple steps which will take some minutes.

To begin the process to repair Windows 7 you will have to boot from the DVD.

1. Insert your DVD.

2. Restart your computer after inserting the disc.

3. Press any key when you’re asked to press any key to boot from DVD.

The process to repair Windows 7 starts here…

What will happen now? How to Run Windows Repair?

1. After doing the above 3 works system will load files from the DVD.

2. You will be taken to a new screen after the loading process completes.

3. Choose your preferred language and keyword input now.

4. Click Next and then click ‘repair your computer’ link that appears in the new screen.

5. Now Windows 7 System Recovery Options will appear.

6. Select Startup repair from the options.

7. Now it will search for the drive where Windows 7 is located.

8. If you’ve Windows 8 installed in 2 Drives then select the right drive when asked.

9. The Startup Repair Windows 7 tool will now search for corrupted system files in your drive.

10. If Startup Repair Windows 7 tool finds a problem it will ask you to take some steps. Just take them and relax.

11. Startup Repair Windows 7 tool will now attempt to repair the problems it found.

12. Now click Finish when you see the ‘Restart your computer to complete the repairs’ screen.

Your Windows 7 repairing works are done and your computer will work now.

If your computer is fixed now then I’m glad that I could help you to repair Windows 7. If not then follow the things I mentioned here.

What if your computer is still not working?

1. Take out the same process again.

2. Do a System Restore, and a System Image Recovery if you’ve a system backup.

3. Do a Clean Install of Windows 7 if you don’t have any important files on C: Drive.

If you need to do a clean installation using your disc then, insert the disc and start your computer then carry on the installation as you did for the first time.

If you do a clean installation then be sure that your C: drive don’t have any important files as all files will be gone if you format the drive.

But, if you have files in that drive and want to keep them then just don’t format the drive and carry on the process. Your files will be safe in the C: Drive in a folder called Windows Old.

Enjoy working on your computer with Windows 7. 🙂

If you face any issues or become unable to repair Windows 7 or unable to work with any step then just leave a comment below so that we can help you with it.

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  1. Sir i had a genuine copy of win7 home basic then i installed win8 pro. I thought i will install dual windows bt it doesnt happened and my win7 got vanished then i found that my win8 is not genuine. Now i want to get my win7 back. Bt how i dont know. Plz help me.
    I have-
    repaire disk, i tried it and it also started bt shows msg registry file missing.
    No product key or dvd of win7.
    A folder namely- windows.old>windows.
    No restore points.
    And nothing else. Plz reply the valueable solutions rapidly. I am waiting. If u will send the solution to my email then it will b a gr8 pleasure to me.

    1. Hi! Kautilya.

      If you had genuine copy of Windows 7 then you should also have a DVD to reinstall it. If you don’t have it then you should get it from your seller.

      Yes, Windows 8 has dual boot and it should have shown it. But I think you didn’t made separate partitions for both the O.S.

      You can’t try my guide without a recovery disc or installation disc. So get it from your dealer and reinstall 7 or ask them to help you in installing genuine Windows 7.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  2. thanks for the article.
    I believe you should also include the steps to recover using the Recovery Partition- which is commonly available on most systems.

  3. Very good tutorial bro, Using system restore points and Windows repair disk it is very easy to repair windows.

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