How To Open .Dat File Easily

You must have seen a .dat extension file and must have tried to open .dat file but failed at it.Many tried to know how to open .dat file but failed to it because it is very hard to understand about .dat extension file and figure out how to open it.Those who haven’t figured out et how to open .dat extension file this guide is solely for you.

.Dat file is mainly a data file for computers that are used on a daily basis but you can’t figure out how to open it solely by looking at it.As we know .dat file can be anything like video,image,data,email attachment or any other thing.So before trying to open it you must figure out what it is and how it can be actually opened.After you have figured it out you can convert it extension to get the real file and conversion is very easy to do and in this article we are going to talk on how to open .dat file easily.

As I said earlier .dat extension can be associated with any type of data like pictures.videos,chats etc so the best way to know how to open .dat file is by trying to open them with Notepad or Ms-Word to figure out what type of content it is and after that you can use other file viewer or file opener to open that file.So let’s get started.

How To Open .Dat File Easily

.Dat extension is never related with a single type file so opening every file having .dat extension with a single file viewer or opener is just foolishness as it’s not going to work out.There can be many reasons behind why are you having a .dat format file on your device and in order to open it you need to figure out how did you got in and who sent it to you and why.

Using .dat format files is not common and you are not going to see it daily and just because of it many people don’t know about and don’t want to be but a moment can come when you need to know how to open .dat file.This format file is received mostly as an email attachment and computer programmers use these on regular or daily basis.So now the question is how to open it and what to do so that we can figure it out what it is.

If you have got the .dat file from your friend than you can ask him what file did you sent me and then convert that .dat file to that extension.If you are confused then you can try opening that with Notepad or Ms-Word.If it’s a chat or text file than you will see the text clearly in Notepad otherwise you will get some scramble signs or numbers.In this was you can know what it is or you can try these tips.

  • Check who sent you the file and ask him it’s real extension.
  • Check in which folder it is and what types of files are in that folder.
  • Mostly .dat files are data or video file so try converting into .txt or .mp4 or .avi format.
  • Try changing its extension to random ones like .doc,.avi,.mp3,.txt to figure it out.

Try these tips and am sure that you will get your right extension and then you will be able to convert it and get the real file.Many peoples are having questions that how to open .dat file and how  can they change extensions or convert extension in order to open it.So here’s a short guide on it too.

You can just rename the file to change their extension from one to another and in other.We are giving you a short tutorial on it and hope you get it so that you can open your .dat file easily.Follow the steps given below to change file extensions.

Go To Tools>Folder Options>View and then uncheck the Hide Extension for unknown devcies.Now apply and click ok.Now when you will try to click on any file on your computer you will see its extension too.

So now you can easily change the extension of the files in order to change it’s file type.In the process you will get a message that it can harm your file but just ignore that because it’s only for caution and try changing the extension of your .dat file and let us know you succeeded or not.

Winmail.Dat Email Attachments

There many be times when you get .dat file as Winmail.dat as email attachements.These are commonly send as email attachments when users use Microsoft outlook,MS Change Server or Outlook Exchange then try opening them with Winmaildat.

So this was a small tutorial on how to open .dat file easily and free too.Hope you got all the methods and if you are still having any problems whole opening your .dat file then feel free to comment here and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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  1. Cool tips shared bro. I always ignore .dat files the reason that i could not open it 😛 You have written cool post to open .dat file.. Really impressed that way you written the post and well explained.. Thanks for sharing..

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