How To Install Windows 7 From Usb

Have Problem Installing Windows 7? Want To Know How To Install Windows 7 From Usb?Don’t worry This a Common Question And You Are Not The First To Ask This.I Get Many Mails And Comments Asking The Same.So This Is The Tutorial For Who Want To Install Windows 7 From Usb.

You Need To Have a Usb Device for this Process With A Memory of 4GB Or Higher So That You Can Easily Make Your Usb Bootable.Making A Usb Bootable Means getting Windows 7 Usb Files Into A Flash Drive From Which You Want To Boot Your Computer.This Process Is Pretty Simple and You can Easily boot Your Pc With The Bootable Usb.

Before Booting You Need To Have A genuine Windows 7 Iso Image Or a Windows 7 Dvd From Which You can Make A ISO Image.You can Download Windows 7 Iso Or You can Also Buy It From Any Near Store Or Microsoft Store.

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How To Install Windows 7 From Usb

1). Download The Windows Usb/Dvd Tool From Here And Put It On Your Desktop and Then Install It And After installing A Icon Will Appear On Your Desktop Just Double Click On The Icon To Open The Windows 7 Usb/DVD Tool.Choose The Iso Image From Your Hard Disk That You Want To Mount On Your Usb Drive.

2)You Will Get Two Options In The Startup,Choose Usb Among them as You Want To Boot Your System Via Usb.You Can Do This Just By Clicking on The Usb Button.

3)Now Select The Correct Usb Device on Which You want To Mount The Windows 7 installation Files.Before Starting The Process Check That Your Usb Doesn’t Have Anything and If It Have Anything Than Move It To Your Hard Disk Or Format Your Usb.

4). Now The Microsoft Software Will Scan Your Site for Space and compatibility and It Will Format Your Usb.The Format Will Be Very Quick So There’s Nothing To Worry and After Formatting The Usb The Software Will Start Copying The Windows & Boot Files into The Usb Device.It Will Take Nearly 10-20 Mins.

5).As The Process Gets Completed You Will Get Confirmation Message as displayed Below and Now You Can Eject Your Usb Device and Now Can Use That Usb Device To Install Windows & From Usb.

Now You Can Boot Your System From Your Usb Device and It is also Easy To Use and If You Have Done This Before Than It Will be a Piece of Cake For You.Your PC Will get Booted In Less Than 15 Minutes and Your Windows 7 PC Will be Ready To Use and after installing don’t Forget To Activate it Via Windows 7 Product Key Or Windows 7 Activation Key.

Buy Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64bit (OEM)

So Why Are You Wasting Your Time? Go and Install Windows & From USB And Let Us Know Your Experience and Feel Free To Comment if You Get Any Problem While Doing This and don’t forget to see our list of Best Antivirus For Windows 7.

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  1. As my dvd driver is not working, i was searching for any method to format my pc. Suddenly i came across your blog and found a great way to do it. I hope this will work, thanks for this nice information.

  2. I just did this last night to install Windows 7 on a netbook. I did the manual method since I only had a usb hard disk and not a flash drive (only have 4gb flash).

  3. Very nice post bro, i have not tried this method to install windows but it is very useful and we don’t need any disk drive for this.

  4. In recent months we have installed several Windows-sites on flash sticks. After a few Google searches I found a simple method to install Windows XP from USB. Also, the same problem occur when you install a modified version of Windows 7. Solution is simple and transform all operations in just a few clicks.

  5. I will surely try these methods , once i tried to install wondows through USB , but that was in vain .

    Now i will follow your steps . Thanks for information.

  6. Hey –

    Your last post [How To Install Windows 7 From Usb] was freaking awesome. I have gone ahead and added your stuff to my Feedly account. Please keep me updated if you post anywhere else.

    Keep rocking –


  7. I will surely try these methods , once i tried to install windows through USB, Follow your steps thanks for sharing the real things.

  8. I was trying to install Windows7 from flash stick. With few Google searches I come to know that i can do it with USB. It is very easy to install from USB, one can also install Windows8 from it.

  9. Happy to know this trick thanks bro for sharing.I used some other software for making my usb flash drive as bootable one! I can’t remember the name of the software but it was a simple software like this! Thanks bro for sharing this new tip with us

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