How to Fix Usb Device Not Recognised In Windows

Are You also Getting this Error “Usb Device Not Recognised” on Windows Or XP Whenever you plug your Usb Device like,Mouse,Keyboard,Pen drive etc.If you are Getting This Error You have Nothing to worry About it has a Short and Simple Solution.

Yesterday I Came From My Friends Home And When I Inserted a 16 GB  SanDisk Pen drive It Showed Usb Device Not Recognised I got worried a little As that was Not My Pen drive. It was One Of my Best Friend’s Pen drive. But I took a Deep Breath And Thought A little About It,after Thinking For A moment I thought to Use First Some Simple Methods To Fix It.

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Fix Usb Device Not Recognised In Windows:-

First I Googled It To get some real Information On it,and i found that I need To uninstall the drivers for my devices and I need to Re-install them But they didn’t Work At all.Then I thought To Update The Drivers,and after it i also Did A system restore But None Of the Methods Worked.I was Still receiving The Problem Displaying The Error Usb Device Not Recognised.

You may See The Device Manager With This Problem and the message that “One Of The Devices attached to  your Computer has Malfunctioned and windows Doesn’t Recognise It.

So you must Be Thinking How I really Solved This Problem Of  Usb Device Not Recognised??Well If you really trust Me It’s A Super Simple Solution and Wont take More Then 2 Minutes,and also there is No need To edit registries and reinstall or Update drivers.

What you have To do Is Just Unplug Your Pc Or Laptop From The Power Supply and that’s it.You Don”t need To Switch off your Computer. When You Shutdown Your Computer Your Computer gets Shut Down But Your Motherboard Keeps Getting Power Supply.

In simple Words Motherboard Is The Place where all the Hardware is Connected including The Usb Ports.Sometimes Your Motherboard Needs A reboot as something can go wrong that means all your Drivers will Stop working.The Small Microprocessor On your Motherboard will reload the drivers and Your Usb ports Will start Recognising All the devices.

Check Microsoft Site For this Question.

So Finally You Got your Answers To How to Fix Usb Device Not Recognised In Windows,it worked For Me Yesterday And i think will Surely Work For You.Now If your Computer says Usb Device Not Recognised  you have Nothing To worry just Follow The Above Steps And Will regain Access to your Usb Ports.

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  1. I have to admit, I laughed at this post when I first read it, I have been working in IT for many many years and what you said sounded ridiculous. I had the exact problem as you described above and thought I had blown my USB ports on one of my laptops. I have a powered external SATA enclosure that I used for testing various disks. One of the disks came loose and I thought the power was off and re-inserted it. The power however was on and suddenly the laptop didn’t recognise any drives I plugged in. Testing the drives on another laptop proved that they were okay. The unusual thing is that the laptop in question was detecting my Andriod phone’s drive when I was plugging it in but no other USB drives. I rebooted the laptop into another operating system, (multi-boot), and still the drives were not recognised. I was about to give up when I read you post…… amazingly it worked. I removed the power cable to the laptop, shut down the computer leaving some devices plugged in attempt to drain all power from the USB ports. I removed all the devices, plugged the laptops power supply back in, started it up and plugged the USB drives back in….. They are all working again. I’m speechless but cannot thank you enough for you post. I have never ever experienced this before which is why I didn’t believe you article. Thanks again.

  2. This is handy.
    I have similar issue before so I updated my os and fortunately microsoft has the correct patch/driver for the device.

  3. Thank you for your blog post. Your simple suggestion has helped me twice: once when Windows Vista would no longer recognise a printer, and, more recently, when Windows 8.1 would not recognise an external USB HDD.

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