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Yesterday I downloaded an important pdf file and I had to do some serious changes and i was looking on how to edit pdf files.I got many answers but most of them were crap and most of them didn’t worked.Editing a pdf file seems to be impossible but it’s not so.It is easy to edit a pdf file if you show some dedication and use some mind and this is what I did yesterday to edit my pdf file.

It was also looking hard to me but unfortunately I had to do it at any cost,so i started to look for methods than can help me edit that pdf file.I got many answers but only few of them helped so today am going to share those tips on how to edit pdf files.You can easily find these on pdf editing tips on internet but you have to do so much hard work so i thought why not i make a full guide on how to edit pdf files for free for you.

So this guide is on how to edit pdf files for free.You can edit pdf files to add or edit text,add or remove image and many other things.There are many tools and methods available here with which you can edit a pdf file.There are many reasons behind editing a pdf file and the first thing you need to know is why are you editing your pdf file.Many time simple editing alters your pdf file and you are left with a bad quality pdf file altered badly.So you can’t use these pdf files for your important presentations or for business purposes.

So there is a need of method through which we can edit our pdf files easily and get output in good quality.Sometimes free softwares or tools can’t do this so you need to go for premium one that can do this task better and i will also advice you to try premium tools for it as every time free things doesn’t works well.So first let’s know what we can edit in a pdf file.

  1. Editing Pdf Files For Basic Tasks
  2. Editing Pdf Files for advanced things like text,image etc
  3. Editing pdf files for Metadata and some more.

There can be many reasons because of which you might be editing your pdf file but these three are most common.So now let’s talk on how to edit pdf files for these things.There are many methods available and you can choose the best one among them.We are discussing some below.

How To Edit Pdf Files:-

1). Editing Pdf Files For Basic Tasks

If you are looking to edit you pdf files for basic needs like hiding something or making something visible then you can take the help of the some of the online tools available which can make your work easy.Pdfescape is one of those tools available online.It can help you annotate pdf documents,create new pdf forms,edit pdf files and many more things.It can also password protect your pdf document.

2). Editing Pdf Files For Advanced Things

if you are looking to edit your pdf files for advanced thing then you need to look for some new tools that can make your work easier and can help you as you want.There are some tools available then can do this work of yours.Advance edits involves adding or removing something like block of texts,images etc.

For this purpose you can use a tool called PDF XChange.With this tool you can mark up pages,add & apply custom stamps,Export particular pages or entire file,customise user interface and many other things that you can’t even think about.It’s a free tool but its paid version works better and you will unlock all of it’s features with it.

3). Convert Pdf To Word Or Other Format

If you want to add remove text,images and is not in a mood to use these tools then you can use this simple method to edit pdf files.You can convert pdf to word or other formats and after that you can easily export them as pdf with any problem.You can use this Pdf Converter to convert your word documents or other documents to pdf files easily.

So these were some ways to edit pdf files and i hope you found it easy.There are many other methods but these three can fulfill all your needs and you don’t need to look for other tools or method to edit pdf files.if you have a question on how to edit pdf files then feel free to ask and we will feel happy to reply.

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  1. Thanks for the advice Gautam! I wish I would have found your article when I went on that same quest… I searched everywhere to find a way to edit my PDF files but all I got were a bunch of sites that tried to sell me stuff.

    -Eric Out-

  2. Last month one of friend asked me how to edit PDF form to apply for interview in an organization. I searched for this but results are confusing. And the problem remain unsolved. This article is very insightful in that problem. Next time it will be easy task to edit PDF form & sending it online.

  3. I am grateful to you that you wrote this very useful post. I needed it for my project report to be got ready within the time limit. Thanks for sharing mate.


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