How To Download iOS 7 For iPad And iPhone

Apple just released his new Os called iOS 7 and now you can update your device or download it.Just after the launch the excited customers of Apple started updating their devices and downloading iOS 7 but most of them were facing difficulties doing this.So we have come with a step to step tutorial on How To Download iOS 7 For iPad And iPhone.Apple customers and fans were waiting for this iOS 7 from long time and on Spetember 18th it got launched internationally and now if you own an iPhone or iPad you can easily update your OS from iOS 6 to iOS 7 with any hassle.

With the release of iOS 7 excitement of the users increased to know what’s new in iOS 7 and how is it going to help and entertain them.iOS 7 supports much of the Apple devices and you can update them easilt to the new iOS 7.So lets see which Apple devices are suppporting iOS 7 and on which of them we can download it and install it clearly.

  • iPhone 4 And Later
  • iPad 2 And Later
  • iPad Touch(5th Generation)
  • iPad Mini

So these were some of the devices compatible with iOS 7 and if you own any of them then without losing any second start upgrading to iOS 7 and if you don’t know how I will let you know How To Download iOS 7 For iPad And iPhone.This is a very simple process and requires any of the above mentioned devices and a strong internet connection.

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How To Download iOS 7 For iPad And iPhone

1). Ensure that your Apple device is compatible for iOS 7 or not.Check your devices from the above list.If it matches from the above list then your device is eligible to download and install iOS 7.

2). Before updating to iOS 7 make sure that you backup all the data so that there’s no risk of loss of data.With iOS 7 bugs and glitches can come so it’s better to be with backup before installing this update.

3). Now as you have backed up your data it’s the time to Download iOS 7 and update your device.So now go to settings and if the update has come you will see a red mark over it saying that update has arrived.

4). Now select General from the menu and you will see a notification there too.So now open the General pane.

5). Now click on Software Update.You will see an update there if  your device is compatible for iOS 7.

6). Make sure you have enough storage on your device to install the update.Now if you have got the update click on Download and Install iOS 7.

7). Now agree to the terms and conditions and the download will start and your device will be updated to your iOS 7.After some time your device will restart automatically and it will be updated.

So now your  device has been updated to iOS 7 and now you know How To Download iOS 7.If you have any queries or suggestion feel free to comment and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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  1. Now a days , people are crazy installing new Ios 7 , and i am also one of them . So i was searching for this only . Now i will install ios 7 for my iphone 🙂

  2. Hi gautam,
    Apple has launched ios 7 with the launch of apple i phone 5s.
    It seems to be very good operating system and i phone 5s seems to be best.

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