How To Create Blogger Sitemap and Submit To Google.

It is Very Important to Generate and Submit Sitemaps To Search Engines Like Google,Yahoo And Bing.This Will help these Search engines To Crawl your blog.For Blogger Blogs It becomes Difficult to Generate Sitemaps and Submit to Search Engines.So this is the post on How To Create Blogger Sitemap and Submit to Google.

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What Is Sitemap?

The sitemap file is like a Directory of all web pages that Exists in your blog or you can say it is the digital map of your Blog Contents.Search Engines like Google and Bing use these sitemaps to Crawl your Site and discover Webpages.Submitting Sitemap Helps in Better Indexing And Better Search Engine Rankings.

How To Create Blogger Sitemap

You can Easily create Blogger Sitemap but there’s a Problem With Blogger Sitemap’s.A default Blogger Sitemap Consists only upto 26 Recent posts.That’s One of the Limitation Of Blogger.So the Question Arises How To Create Blogger Sitemap and Submit it to Google.

You just need to Go to Blogger Sitemap Generator and type the Full address of your Blogspot the Create Sitemap button and it will create sitemap for you.Then Copy the link to your Clipboard.Now Next is How to Submit these to Search Engines?

How To Submit Your Sitemap?

  1. Sign In To Webmaster Tools Dashboard.I am Assuming that You have Verified the Ownership Of your Site.
  2. Select your blog and From the left Side click on Site Confugiration>Sitemaps.
  3. Then Click On Add/Test Sitemap Button.
  4. Paste Your Copied link Into it.

     If you want to submit sitemap For less than 500 posts Paste this:


If you Want to Submit Sitemap For More Than 500 posts but less than 1000 posts try:


So that’s it this is the simple procedure through which You can Create a Sitemap For Blogger and Submit it to Google.If you find any difficulties doing this,Don’t hesitate To give a Comment we will sort It out and also read the Adsense Alternatives

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Very useful post, my website dones not have sitemap now I understand the use of sitemap..Many times I think when I visits other websites with a separate page named as site map but today I know its complete usage. I will try the same. Informative an new to me.Thanks for your article.

  2. I have had my blogger blog for a little while now and wondered why I have had no visitors. I will submit a sitemap and let you know if this changes. Thanks a million!

  3. Thanks Gautam for the wonderful post. it helped me to know more about sitemaps and how to generate one for my website. Thanks again.

  4. I have created sitemap but I am not finding any option to submit that sitemap on google webmaster there any other options?

  5. Hi Blogger!
    Nice post on how to add sitemap for blogger…
    May i know how to index blog posts on search engines… my posts are not indexed properly soo..

  6. Thanks for the valuable information. I have recently started writing a blog on Blogger.
    I have submitted the sitemap for the blog. Just wonder, is this a one time activity or it should be on frequent basis as and when new posts are added to the blog?


  7. it is very helpful information especially for beginners because i have just started blogging last a few days and i am regularly reading your posts about blogging thanks for sharing such a helpful information!!

  8. I have submitted sitemap of my blog to Google and I checked through the Google Webmaster tools that the pages were indexed. Thanks for the detailed steps.

    I have few more queries:

    1. As I keep on adding blog posts on my blog, should I submit the sitemap every time or that is not needed? BTW I submitted the site map as: /atom.xml?redirect=false&start- index=1&max-results=500

    2. Is it recommended and acceptable (to Google) to also submit the sitemap of my blog on Bing?

    Thanks in advance for responding to the queries.

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