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Writing Is the Best Art of communication between two, it is the Best Method of Passing Ideas Even From the Prehistoric Days.In earlier periods Writing was Done through Rocks, then Papers came and now Digital era Has Came. In this Modern World Best Way Of writing For sharing Views All Around The World Is Blogging. All You Need To Do is create A blog. Nowadays Blogs Are not only the mean to Share your views or Work but Also A Great Way Of Making Money Online. So its always wiser to create a blog At the earliest and Start Blogging,But before starting Blogging you need To know SOme Basic thinks About Blogs From what is A blog to How to Promote your Blog and How to make Money online.

 What Is A Blog

I am Asked every Day via conversations, mails Or chats that What is A blog.If you Are Also Reading this you might also be thinking about this. Many Peoples Have Questions that what is a blog, how to blog, where to Blog, how to start A blog etc. But before talking about this topic We will focus on The Topic What Is A Blog.

In Simple Words, Blog Is Nothing but an Of Online Diary of yours.But in Comparison To a Diary, A blog has Many Differences,As We Don’t Search Our Diary By Google.Blogs Are generally maintained By Single Persons but SOme Blogs are also Maintained By A group of Peoples. The process Of writing is called Blogging And The Persons Who Write is Called a blogger, and each Post On your Blog Is called Blog post or we can simply Say it A Post.

Bloggers Are also Of many Types Some Blogs Because because of their Passion, Some people blog For the sake of Money or we can say  Blog For Making Money Online,as blogging Can Generate A Large Sum of money every Month And it has also been proved as a source Of Generating Income.

In blogs People can Post their Views And share with whole The World and they can also get response for their work.Bloggers mostly get Response In the Form of comments. Bloggers can also interact with the Help Of Pingbacks And Trackbacks.

Why To Create A Blog?

Before creating A Blog a Question will must Come in your mind that Why To Create A Blog?But If you Listen to me Creating A blog Will help you In many ways.There Are Many Reasons For  Creating A blog.

 The reasons Are:-

1)To express your opinions And Beliefs.

2)To connect with people like you.

3)To make Money online.

4) To help others By your knowledge.

If you Blog will start getting Enough traffic You can earn with many PPC sites or Affiliate Programs.The main thing To think While creating a SIte Is Its Niche And SEO.A blog Must Be Search Engine Optimised.It is Rightly Said that The site which Google Loves Goes Far.So try to get On google with your Site And In A short period of time you will be seeing Results.

I will Soon Be Publishing Posts On Search engine optimisation And if you Are a Well known Blogger you can also Guest Post On Our Site.But before Creating A blog This Question Must be coming in your Mind that Which Platform or CMS system to Choose For your Blog?So let Us make your View More Clear.

WordPress Vs Blogger

How to create a blog is not a big deal but the main thing to think over is Which Blogging Platform are you going to use.WordPress and Blogger are two nice options,but the most difficult is to Choose one among them.Which platform will lead your Blog to Success and which will suit you most.Both the blogging platforms have their own Advantages and disadvantages.So it becomes difficult to choose one among these two Blogging platforms.

You can read our article on Choosing the best Blogging platform and decide yourself  which platform are you going to use. Blog Or Self Hosted Blog?

But if Suggest Use a WordPress blog.But the Question also arises that What to use blog Or Self Hosted provides free blog service with a Subdomain.As its free Everyone thinks that it would be great to use a as it provides everything free and you Don’t need To spend A Single penny.But if you Act on my advice Use A Self Hosted Blog and buy your own Domain.It will Provide you many Additional options many more ways to Customise Your own blog.

If you are Really serious about Blogging And want to make serious money From your Blog Go For A Self Hosted Blog.

Choose a Niche For Your Blog:

The greatest thing to Care before Creating site is its Niche.A correct selection Of Niche is very Important as it will Determine the future Of your Blog.It is always Advisable to Do Niche Blogging Rather then posting On Random Topics.You must be Unique while choosing A niche because it is Niche which Will make your Site a Crowd Puller and will lead your Blog to Sucess. Always Keep in mind More popular the Blog there will be more competition for you.

Always think about your Niche before thinking Of  How and Why to Create A Blog.You can take Advice from Expert Bloggers about Which Niche to Choose.So decide about your Blog’s Niche with cool mind And Enjoy.

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