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Web Designing is a great thing and all websites and bigger companies want that their website should look beautiful and easy to use.Microsoft is working very hard to make a good place in the companies and wesites looks.The launching of some of their Software and Hardware for Windows and Windows Phone is very popular among the net users.Windows Phone 8,Windows 8 OS,MS Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012 are some of these softwares.

As we already know that Microsoft owns their own email service that is email service is very good and easy to use.But now Microsoft looked for some change in this email service and changed it to all new brand and new identity,style and domain name called as “Outlook” is a new type of email service with a new look just like of Windows 8.This new email service gives user a fast and fluid speed and Metro style just like Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 OS with advanced email experience and features.Outlook helps users to use email services with a new pivacy and advertisment placement.Also the file attachment is changed to help users to do their work with less distraction.
New Logo

What’s new on Outlook?

It’s hotmain reimagined for users to work with more ease like never before.Outlook helps users to work with as ease they could.Microsoft is changing to improve their email services and more better than Gmail.Mainly style make everyone very eager to use.This change is a part of new changes which are taking place with upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 style and interface.Outlook is made to replace the old Hotmail Email Service.

How to sign up on Outlook? and users and sign in to Outlook by simply going to your id was not upgraded by doing this,you can simply go to your Hotmail id and change to Outlook by clicking on “Option” menu and after that clicking on “Upgrade to” and fill in all the required fields and click on I Accept to change to Outlook within a second.

Windows 8 Apps used on Outlook :-

Outlook also uses some of the Windows 8 apps which makes it more beautiful and useful to use.Those apps includes People App,Calendar App,Mail and Sky Drive app.

People App

Calendar App

Sky Drive

Screenshots of Outlook:

Check out the screenshots of :-


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