Homeshop18 vs. Flipkart: Which Is Better and Why?

In the world of internet, it is the war of online sites. The competition is heavy as there is global challenge. Almost all reputed concerns have online presence and various online stores dominate the sellers’ world. The concept of online purchase has become a success and people love to browse online for their purchases be it accessories or electronic items.

In India, we find two online stores that are among the top providers of a wide range of products – Flipkart and Homeshop18. Apart from the loyal customers to each of these stores, who stick on to their favorite come what may, people try to form their own opinion on the services of these stores.

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[Info]Homeshop 18 Vs Flipkart[/Info]

Both Homeshop18 and Flipkart have a great online presence and have very user-friendly websites. As far as the products are concerned, both the stores offer great brands. A wide range of products is available in both the stores from toys to home appliances and from mobiles to movies. They are alike in their offer of cash on delivery, replacement of items damaged on delivery, various payment options offers including easy monthly installments and more. Keeping in line with the demands of the market, both the sites strive to satisfy their customers thereby securing their loyalty.

You could not overlook homeshop18 coupons and flipkart coupons offered by respective online stores. These coupons help you to avail discounts on various products and you get to save good amount of money. Both online stores announce fresh offers on various products.

All said about their similar qualities, Homeshop18 and Flipkart are not the same. They have their own pros and cons. People decide in favor or against an online store based on their individual experience. The pricing of products play a major role in influencing the buying habit of people. Quality of services has a definite role as well. By quality, we talk about the efficiency and speed with which a service, be it delivery or replacement, is offered, the response by the staff of the company while attending to customers and their woes. These are the areas where the experiences of customers differ and lead them to take a stand for or against an online store.

Is The Online Leader Identified?

This is a tough question to answer. While there are many features common to Homeshop18 and flipkart, there are differences in pricing and performance. Again, in pricing, you could not say that one store offers lesser prices for all products when compared with other. If books are cheaper in Homeshop18, some other products are cheaper in flipkart. As far as the services are concerned, those who browse the net will find lots of reviews on both these sites. Some are positive while some are negative.

It all sums up to individual experiences. Moreover, in the era of internet, it is difficult to base your judgment on the reviews present in the website. Question of genuineness apart, the reviews could have a touch of bias. Hence, it would be better to look for all available options while you plan a purchase and go for the one that would be perfect for the purchase of the particular product, be it Homeshop18 or flipkart.

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  1. A complete family store which helps you do your quick budget shopping at best possible rates, Homeshop18 coupons are thus counted as the best example for online shopping.

  2. what’s the use of reading this article..?…. without coming up with any judgement…..It’s not hard to decide on one …it’s just that you have to work hard in analyzing the pros and cons and then rate…

  3. Obviously Flipkart is best….Homeshop18 are sale 2hand Product…..Flipkart product are 100% original. Go for Flipkart

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