How To Install Apps In Windows 8 Phone Through SD Card

Many people were trying to download and install apps and games in Windows 8 phones through SD Card but failed because there was nothing like that and I was also confused that is it possible? Then one day my brother started researching and finally came with the solution after going through the Windows phone guides and now I am able to download and install apps in Windows 8 Phone through SD Card.

This is a how-to tutorial and we will let you know How To Download And Install Apps In Windows 8 Phones Through SD Card. This is a very simple trick or say method but works great and it can save your internal storage space too. Android is the best among all the smartphone operating system and one of the main reasons is its flexibility.

You can easily alter things and make changes according to your will. One of the best thing in Android is you can install apps on the device through the SD Card. You can download any games or apps even the premium ones from torrents and install it on your device for free. This is one of the things I always wanted in my Windows Lumia 720 but now, fortunately, I got it and now I am able to install apps in Windows 8 Phone Through SD Card.

To install a Game or app you need an SD card in your Windows 8 phone with apps with .xap extension. You can easily download the .xap files to your desktop and then move it to your SD Card. So here’s how you will be able to download and install Apps in Windows 8 phone Through SD Card and don’t forget to see the new Nokia Lumia 525 Specifications.

How To Install Apps In Windows 8 Phone Through SD Card

  1. Go to and clicks Apps+Games.
  2. Now search for your app and get ready to download it.
  3. Now scroll down the webpage and you will find a text saying Download And Install Manually.
  4. Click on it and the app will be downloaded to your desktop.
  5. Now move the .xap file to your SD Card.
  6. Now click on (store) and click on SD Card option which will appear in the store menu.
  7. It can take a few minutes for SD Card option to appear and if doesn’t appear to try restarting your device.
  8. Now select the app you want to install and click on install. (Note- Only compatible and updated versions of the apps can be installed.)
  9. Now check in the apps list for the app you just installed or in games for the installed games. You can try this method with all the apps.
  10. Enjoy!!

So this was a simple yet working trick on how to download and install apps in Windows 8 Phone through SD Card. If you download some premium app or game and install in your device you still have to pay for the full version of the game. If you are having any questions feel free to ask in comments and we will be responding as soon as possible.

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  1. Is it possible to install android apps on windows 8? I want to install android games on windows. I heard that we can control android phone from pc.

  2. very nice artical about how to install windows app from sd card.too many time i search this question now finally i got it…thanks

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