5 Windows 8 Phone Games That I Love To Play Daily

I recently bought a Windows 8 Phone Lumia 720 and I am really happy that and i must say Window Phone is far better than any other phones andĀ far better than Android.You Must have seen many comparisons between Android and Windows Phone and in most of them Windows Phones Won and Lumia Series is my favorite of all.I strongly recommend Windows phone to other and I also love play Windows 8 phone games.

I am having an awesome time with my windows phones and instead of giving heavy time on Blogging I daily manage to get at least 2-3 Hours for my Windows 8 phone games especially.Windows phone really have fewer apps in comparison to Android but it has only perfect apps and you can easily find an app on Windows 8 Phone marketpace.Many of the most popular games and apps are in development phase and they are going to be released soon.So Cheer up because Windows 8 phones are going to be one of the best.

So now you must be thinking which are those games that I love playing daily because everyone play games but anyone can’t play a number of particular games daily as I do.But I really do what i said i have 5 games that I play daily and I just love playing them.So here’s my list of 5 Windows 8 phone games that i love to play daily.

5 Best Windows 8 Phone Games

1). Royal Revolt

It’s a brand new T-defense game for Windows 8 phones with cool 3D graphics.It’s available for free on Windows marketplace to download and you can download it and install it now and enjoy with your friends or cousins.I really love this game and this became on of my favourite at my first look only.You need to lead your soldiers to victory to free your father’s castle from your greedy relatives.

2). I-Stunt 2

One of the best games on Android,IOS and Windows.I really love this game,its graphics and gameplay.It has everything that you want in a game.Thrill,adventure multi levels and many more making it a very interesting game.I spend much of the time play this game on my Lumia and on Windows Pc.If you haven’t tried it then try it once and you will come to know why i am praising this game so much.

3). Ice Age Village

One of the best games from my collection and one of the favourite games of my friends as well.This game allows multiplayer plays too and you will find all the characters of Ice Age.Enter the Ice age village or make your own village and start killing your time together with fun.

4). Temple Run

As you know Temple Run is favourite of all and mine too.I love playing temple run and now temple run is available for many platforms including Android,IOS and now temple run for pc is also available.Temple run 2 is going to be released soon and am eagerly waiting for it so that i can make new records.

5). Angry Birds

If you are a gamer than you must be knowing about Angry birds and it is mostly famous on Desktop but now peoples are enjoying it on their smartphones,android phones like samsung android phones,IOS and many other platforms.I have completed most of the levels with three stars but having difficulty in some but don’t worry I will do it by end of this month.

So these were some of the games that I play almost daily on my Windows phone 8 and I also recommend playing these games.Do you know one reason why i love Windows? BecauseĀ it doesn’t need any antivirus like any best antivirus for android.So if you have any suggestion or question feel free to as and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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