7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives For Your Smartphone

WhatsApp is one of the best chat messengers for android and other smartphones and it’s always wise to have some alternatives.So now you must be trying to find some WhatsApp alternatives.There are many chat messengers available for android and other smartphones but it’s tough to find a chat messenger as WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is used by millions of peoples daily to send messages worldwide.WhatsApp messenger is one of the best and most used chat messengers.So it’s like a challenge to find a WhatsApp alternative.WhatsApp is free for most of the smartphones but you need to pay a fee of $0.99 for IOS.You can download WhatsApp for free for Android for one year and then after that you need to pay an annual fee of $0.99.

The below mentioned WhatsApp alternatives are one of the best messengers worldwide and is used by millions and millions of people worldwide.You can get many additional and bonus features in these messengers that you can’t get in WhatsApp so trying these will be a bonus for you.

At a time you can install both the messengers,WhatsApp and these WhatsApp alternatives to enjoy their features.Some months ago WhatsApp challenged that it left Twitter far behind in aspect of users so now you can take an estimate of how popular it is.One of the good news is that now WhatsApp for Pc is available and you can download it and play it on pc.There are much more Apps and games that you cn play on pc.

7 Best WhatsApp Alternatives

1). Wechat

If we talk about Wechat than it is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and it has very thing that a user wants.With the release of Wechat it dominated the market and become one of the most popular chat messengers.With Wechat you can text,Images,Memes and can also do video calls.So as whole it is one of the best and most deserving WhatsApp alternatives and wechat for pc is also available.

2). Line

Line is very famous for its memes and has crossed million downloads in the Google play store.With Line you can send unlimited text messages,audio messages and more for free.You don’t need to pay any additional fee and at the same time you can stay tuned with all over the world.

3). Facebook Messenger

You must be aware of this Facebook messenger.You must have used this before because it is one of the best chat messengers for Facebook.You can get to talk with your friends directly from this app.Now you will get a better interface together with images and chatrooms.So you can install facebook messenger if you still have WhatsApp.

 4). Viber

With viber you can call your friends 24×7 and you also don’t need to care about your prepaid or postpaid bills.Because  you don’t need to pay.It just requires an active internet connection like 3G,WiFi etc.You can also text your friends directly from this apps.All the services are free and it will not let you miss WhatsApp for a single second and so it’s one of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

5). Skype

Skype is one of the best ways to contact with your friends.You can call at zero rate and even you can have video chat with each other.You can also text to your friends within your contacts.Skype gives users great experience while calling and now you can login with Hotmail account as well as your Facebook account.So are you ready for Skype?

6). Kik Messenger

You can simply start with kik messenger and claim your username.You can start sending your friends text messages and you can send messages to any particular group.Kik Messenger does not offer calling facilities but its overall qualities makes it a good WhatsApp alternative.

7). ChatOn

ChatOn is a Chat messaging app by the one of the market kings Samsung.Samsung android phones are one of the most popular android phones and with this great app it became more popular.Now it is available for most of the platforms like IOS,Blackberry,Android and many more.ChatOn Scans your contacts to find your friends on ChatOn.So enjoy and if you haven’t downloaded it yet then go for it and give it a try.

So these were some of the best WhatsApp alternatives.There are many more good chat messengers on the web but these 7 are the best and are available for most of the mobile platforms.If you are on android then don’t forget to install one of the best antivirus for android and always download these apps from the official store because they can have virus..So why are your waiting? Go for it and let us know what did you experienced.We are waiting !!

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Great collection of apps. These communication apps have been a best source and made this world small by means of its feature. I have used most of the apps been mentioned here and works out well.

  2. What about wechat bro? I think it’s banned in India, right? but people are happy who are using wechat. 2 of my friends are happy with it and i would also try it.

  3. This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear. Here everything has been described in systematic manner so that reader could get maximum information and learn many things. This is one of the best blogs I have read.

  4. Excellent collection of apps. These conversation apps have been a best source and made this world small by suggests of its feature. I have used most of the apps been described here and works out well.

  5. Hi Gautam
    All the above alternatives are awesome. But whatsapp is very famous app for chatting, sharing and entertaining. Also Whatsapp is developing an feature of voice chatting so after that it will be a hard time for We Chat…

  6. Gautam, do you have any idea about iPhones? i have iPhone 3gs running iOS 4.1 and no skype is available to this version of iOS. Is there any web which is providing old version of software? i need skype’s older version for iOS 4.1.

  7. Skype, wechat, Facebook messenger are really good alternatives to Whatsapp messenger. Usually people like to be with a messenger which is completely free… and in this term Skype & facebook are doing great.

  8. Whatsapp is the best and virtually there is no alternative. It has become a community site apart from messaging service. Facebook messenger is not very good as per as the UI is concerned. But the desktop version is best, no doubt about that.

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