Android Vs IOS: Basic comparison of Ops

Android Is Ruling The Market After It’s Coming  From A Long Period and Is  In A Severe war With IOS.It Has  become Hard To Choose between IOS and Android because Of It’s Awesome Features and Tasks.So It Has become Hard To Choose One.So This is A Detailed Post On Android Vs IOS So That You Can Easily Choose One.


There are many aspects about an OS that makes it “user friendly” and we are about to highlight some game changing features available with Android OS and IOS. Our aim is to point out latest technology adopted by Apple and Google so that you can make up your mind between both the Ops and invest in most suitable one. Go through the criterion mentioned below and pick one of two yourself and let us know who won in This Android Vs IOS Fight.

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Android Vs IOS

Multi tasking
In this dimension, Android OS works out-and-out better. Even if you compare the IOS 6 of iPad with Android OS Gingerbread, thus far, running multiple apps at once is possible with Google’s software only. Meaning, if you go for device running on latest Android OS Jelly Bean you may experience smoothest multitasking, thanks to “Project Butter”.

Apple IOS 6 is fast too, but it will only allow you to work on one app at once. Handling active apps in both OS is easy with use of task-manager, which appears when you press home button. But if you require to personalize apps accessibility, Android OS offers you multiple home pages and menu pages that enlist apps according your choice. While working on an IOS device is much uncomplicated, an informed user of Android OS can utilize its features quite productively.

System Security
When the user store and exchange personal data with use of mobile devices they expect the mobile operating system to be equipped with required security measures. Both, Apple and Google’s OS are secure with data encryption, password protection and safe web-access solutions like Microsoft exchange and VPN.You will get better Performance and with the help of some of best android antivirus You will be safe from antivirus or other attacks too.

While Apple presents only tested apps in their app store, in Android app marketplace, user has to search for most reliable vendors and download unrated app at their own risk. However, downloading applications from either Android marketplace or Apple app store is not entirely secure. Some IOS users jailbreak their device and in such case they compromise with their device’s security furthermore.

Naturally, Apple’s mobile software is available with idevices only, which is the major reason behind excellent compatibility of firmware with the hardware. However being an open source, Android can offer some unique functionality with different brand’s mobile devices. Android is available under diverse price range according to OS version and hardware capabilities of a device. Apple offers their devices at decided price, as latest IOS version is available for nearly every idevice user.

Hardware and app compatibility
Apple’s IOS compatible apps, which are huge in number, would support every idevice. But in case of Android OS, an app may or may not support your device’s hardware.

User friendliness
For best performance of a device its OS must contain appropriate features and settings in an adaptable manner. Options like battery saver mode, auto brightness setting, home screen shortcuts, quick notifications, speech recognition and wireless syncing are found with both, IOS and Android. But Android user get NFC, Widgets and Google Maps as perk in the package. For ease of users, Android OS jelly bean include Google Now voice search as answer to iOS 6 Siri voice command feature.

Huh…So It’s It.I think I Discussed many Things and hope it will help You In Choosing Between Android and IOS.Hope You liked This Android Vs IOS Post and If You Have any Doubts Feel Free To Comment and if You liked it Reward us With a Sttumble or Social Share.

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  1. Great post…I was above to buy iPhone 5 or Galaxy Note II but i was very confused between iOS and Android OS which one to choose.Thanks your post is very useful for me.

  2. You missed an important variable my friend: “opportunity to customize”. As long as its a matter of customization, android beats iOS by miles. I always want to derive as much as I can from my smartphone & android is best in giving me what I want! of course, in my way! 😀

  3. Android being an open source is giving such a heavy competition for other OS, poor Symbian struggling its way. Nokia might have been unhappy seeing the release of Android. IOS is surviving just for the sake of brand it still will be thankful to apple founder Steve Jobs. And in future I believe Apps market might replace software market.

  4. Hi,

    I’m an old iPhone user and have used mostly all iPhones. Recently I moved to android with my S3 and I’m loving it. Android is so much better than iOS.

    Nice Article,

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