5 Facebook Security Tips to Avoid Risk

Facebook is among the worlds biggest and the most popular social networking sites in the world. It has more than 1,000 million users. As The Number Of Users are increasing it is also becoming more hard to Secure Data .

You should keep your private information safe and secure so that no one can misuse it over the web. In this article I am Going To Share Some Facebook Security Tips That Will Help You In surfing Facebook Safely And Will Give You A Better Social Network Experience.

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[Info]Facebook Security Tips[/Info]

Avoid Sharing Your Personal Information:

You should avoid sharing your personal information like date of birth, address, mobile no and most importantly user names and passwords. etc. Even if you want to give these information’s then make sure you set your privacy setting in such a way that strangers can’t see your personal information.

Change Profile Privacy Setting:

If you want to be safe and secure on the social networking sites then you should alter the privacy setting in such a manner that no one can misuse your data. On Facebook you are allowed to change he privacy setting, you can select which part of your profile will be seen by whom by changing the privacy setting.

Avoid Click on Every Link:

Habit of clicking on every link can be harmful for you. It can invade your privacy. Avoid click on links like “see who visited your profile”, “See your Facebook or something like these”. These are just the spam links. Facebook don’t track the views on each profile so all these third-party apps are of no use. Avoid clicking on these spam links. You will also get many useless links on your wall, try to avoid click on them.

Enable Login Notification:

Facebook has an amazing feature named as notification feature. This will notify you through mail or text SMS on your phone regarding the log in process. It will tell you the IP address, time and the place from where you account was logged in. When someone tries to log in to your account you will get a notification, which give you some time to take action against that unauthorized sign in process. You can enable the Login notification features by navigating through Account > Account Settings > Account Security you will get an option “Log-in notification feature”.

Enable SSL Encryption:

Few years ago SSL encryption was only used by sites which need high-end security like bank sites, Government agency’s website but now SSL encryption is used to many other sites to make them secure. SSL encryption will help you to be secured while surfing Facebook. Facebook also has the SSL encryption; all you have to do is enable it from your security settings option.

You can securely surf Facebook if you consider the things listed above. Facebook will be more fun if you don’t have any tension of being hacked or spammed by someone. Hope these Facebook Security Tips Help you and i also hope you found this article useful,if yes reward us with a Stumble And If you have more views on this topic feel free to comment and we will update it in the Post.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this informative tips. Which i guess is helpful for 99 percent Internet user because everyone use facebook.

  2. Thank you for your tips

    Facebook and other social networks have become so popular that it could be a threat to our privacy if we don’t use them properly.

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