5 Best Gaming Laptops in 2012

It is really a difficult task to list of 5 Best Gaming Laptops in 2012, because we have lots of options to choose from. But we have to get the list of best 5, because when it comes to gaming, only the best will work.

It is necessary to have best graphics, best hardware and best cooling system and other parameters in order to enjoy best experience of gaming. Even, mouse and keyboard will have a lot of impact on your gaming experience since a damaged keyboard or mouse can ruin or disturb your game. Go through the following list of 5 best Gaming Laptops in 2012.

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[Info]5 Best Gaming Laptops in 2012[/Info]

1. Alienware M18X Laptop

Alienware name will be the first one to strike our mind when talking about best gaming laptops. M18x device among this series of gadgets is having highest performance ability. Although it is the one with highest price tag, it is surely the most worthy device. It is relatively new when compared to other devices of this series and sports 18.4 inches screen size. Though it looks as a bigger device, it will be the perfect one to enjoy better gaming experience.

2. Asus G74SX Laptop

If you are tight on budget, and still want to get the best gaming device, then you have to look at Asus G74SX laptop. This laptop is having great design which can attract the users on the first sight itself. It is having lesser screen size when compared to the Alienware M18X gaming laptop. It sports 17.3 inches screen size. For those who feel that 18.4 inches is too big, this can be the right option.

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3. Sony VAIO VPC F236FM/B

Laptops released by Samsung under the series VAIO F are intended to provide best gaming experience. It can provide all the suitable specs and features necessary in a gaming laptop, but at affordable prices. It is powered by 3nd Gen Intel i7 processor and for graphics, it is having NVIDIA GeForce GT 540 M GPU. Screen size of this laptop is given as 16.4 inches and is provided with LED features.

4. Alienware M17X Laptop

Alienware laptops are considered as the best ones among gaming laptops. If you are fan of Alienware laptops and want to have one, but still want to avoid M18x Laptop for its bigger screen size and higher price tag, then you have the option of purchasing M17x laptop. This laptop is having 17.3 inches screen size and comes with support for full 1080p FHD resolution. It is actually powered by Intel 3rd Gen i7 processor. Special feature of this laptop is that it comes with uber cool design but still having affordable price tag only.

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5. Alienware M14x Laptop

Alienware M14x Laptop provides the users with best gaming experience at the most affordable price. It is having 14 inches screen size. Although it is smaller in size when compared to other Alienware laptops, M14x laptop is still having better specs and is able to provide better gaming experience.

These were theĀ 5 Best Gaming Laptops in 2012,If We Left Some Of The Laptops You Can Mention Them In Comments and We Will Update Them In The Post and If You Really Liked Us Reward Us With a Stumble.

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  1. It makes me wanna say Oh my! As in, I need to replace my old gaming laptop. Huhu.. Hope to find cheap laptop but still has that quality.
    – Jen

  2. Samsung Series 7 Ultra should be there in the list. Intel Core i-7, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 2 GB AMD Radion awesome.

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