Best 3D Live Merry Christmas Wallpapers For Android

Christmas is coming and you all must be pretty excited about it.I am really excited about it and few days ago I was searching for 3D Christmas Wallpapers for Android.Christmas live wallpapers are a great way to decorate your android phone and you are surely going to need it this Christmas.

This christmas you can do great things with your Android phone and we are here only to help you in that.We will help you in finding the best christmas stuff on the web and the best Christmas card apps and games related to christmas.I think you will surely need all these Christmas app soon  in your device so here are they.I chosed some of the best Live Christmas Wallpapers that you can use on you device.

You can easily download these Live 3D Christmas Wallpapers from Google Play Store.All the links are official and you can easily download them and install them.So of them are paid too which you can download after buying the following Christmas Live Wallpapers.We will be coming with more christmas stuff in the upcoming posts so don’t forget to have a look.

3D Live Merry Christmas Wallpapers For Android

1). Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

This app became very popular just after its developer published it.With this app you can let your phone count for you till Christmas 2013.It is a stunning 3D Live Wallpaper featuring a sparkling christmas tree plus a countdown clock to this Christmas.When you go pro you can have christmas tree scene with 5 animated camera motions and countdown scene and New Year Scene.It has already crossed 100k downloads and it is just increasing everyday,So you can download this Live Merry Christmas Wallpaper and install it right now.

2). Christmas Live Wallpaper

It was published on 11th November 2013 and in a very short time it managed to cross 100k downloads and is one of the best Christmas Live Wallpapers for Android.It contains the wallpapers of 6 seasons so that you don’t need to change the wallpapers again and again with the changing seasons and the festivals.

You will get Christmas tree,Snowman with christmas countdown,Lights and many more christmas things and the best thing is this live wallpaper for android is free so you don’t need to pay anything to download this.

3). Christmas 3D Live Wallpaper

Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year in advance and if you are looking for great Live Christmas Wallpaper apps then this the one you must be searching for.You can try this live wallpaper and it really has great wallpapers having christmas trees decorated in many ways making it more beautiful.

4). Christmas HD (Paid)

Christmas HD is one of the best 3D Live Wallpaper I have ever seen and it’s not free but I think $1.85 is not much for a good product like this.You can customise and edit every part of the theme,edit colors,edit text,choose the color of lights,customise your pic or ribbons,snowflakes or ornaments.You will get the full control on every thing you see.

So this can be one of the ultimate products of yours this Christmas.This is pure HD and 3D and the price is not much too.If you really want to go for a 3D live Merry Christmas Wallpaper then this must be your first choice.

So these were some of the best Christmas Live Wallpapers¬†for Android from the Google Play store and you can easily download the free one’s and buy the premium ones.We are coming with many other stuff for this christmas so keep visiting our site for more and feel free to ask in comments if you have any questions.

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