Send To Shortcut For Notepad

This trick shows you how create a “Send To” shortcut called “Notepad“.

A “Send To” shortcut is one that when you right-click on a file or folder, you’ll see an option called “Send To“. This provides you a quick way to open files/folders or perform an action with the selected file/folder.

Many times, you have a text file or any other file which you know exactly contains just plain text. And the file can be viewed just by notepad – The most simple Windows Text Editor, available on any Windows machine. If you are in this situation often, you might have found that it is painful that you’ll have to launch Notepad every time and browse to the file to open it. A simple shortcut would be very helpful.

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1)Point your Cursor To start Button ANd Right CLick.This will Bring Shortcut Menu As follows








2)  Select “Explore” to open the “Windows Explore“. Once the “Windows Explore” is opened, the default path is your own profile “Start Menu“.

3) Select “SendTo” right above the “Start Menu“. The right panel should display the current Send To shortcuts.


4)Right-click on the right panel, and select “New” then select “Shortcut“.

5) On the “Create Shortcut” window, type in “notepad.exe” for the box “Type the location of the item“, then click “Next“.

6) On the next window, type in “Notepad” for the box “Type a name for this shortcut“, then click “Finish“.

7)  Done! try this new thing out by selecting a text file, right-click on it and select “Send To“. You’ll see the option “Notepad” there, which will open the text file with Notepad.

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