mSpy Review-The Best Cell Phone Spy App

Today I am here with a new app called mSpy which is a revolution in the field of mobile spying. There are many online companies outside but mSpy is truly one of the best among them. Through the use of the most reliable mobile monitoring application you are able to monitor each and every activity happening on every smart phone you’ve downloaded the app on.

You must have heard about “mobile tracking software” and “spy software”: this software is widely used in order to track on your friends or relatives or children. So here you need mSpy app which you can download from the official website It is one of the best and most popular apps in the mobile tracking industry.

mSpy is cell phone spy software that silently monitors any Apple, Android, Windows or Symbian based smart phones. Once installed on the smart phone it gives access to the targeted phone’s text messages, e-mails, call history, call recordings, web history, photos and now it has the ability to monitor Skype and WhatsApp too.

mSpy provides wide ranges of services worldwide and most of its users are also satisfied with it. With mSpy cell phone software you get the best in class tracking solution, multi language 24×7 support, flexible payment options and guaranteed results.

Some Features Offered By mSpy

mSpy offers a number of features that helps you in day-to-day life. Here are some of the major features:

Call logs. With the help of mSpy you can spy on the daily incoming and outgoing calls of the current devices being monitored. It also gives you the privilege to listen to the live (in real time) or recorded call conversations.

Email logs. mSpy allows you to read the incoming and outgoing mails of the person whose device you are spying on. You will be able to see the complete information regarding the date, time and email address of the sender/recipient.

Web history. It enables you see all the URLs visited by the targeted smart phone users. It also allows you to see the bookmarked websites.

Controlling Apps. With mSpy you can be aware of every app which is downloaded, run or wiped on the targeted cell phone. These features ensure you that no inappropriate activity happens on the targeted device.

Remote locking. Now you can remotely record the device just by sending a command through your online control panel. This command is reversible too and you can easily unlock the device whenever you want.

Device Information. In addition to monitoring the mobile activities mSpy allows you to view other important information of the targeted device.

Instant Messages. This feature lets you keep track of the instant messaging activities of the targeted user like WhatsApp, Skype etc.

So these are some of the most used features offered by mSpy. There are many other things you can do by using this extremely useful app. From this brief review one can conclude that it is a very reliable and effective tool to track the cell phone activities. It is a highly recommended product and everyone in need of spy software either parents willing protect their children or spouses wanting check the fidelity of their partners must try it.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. I generally do not have a spy reason. but in case i have one I will surely be using it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It’s really a clever idea to create this kind of spy app. However, the only ones I can think of when it comes to those who would ever use this kind of app is more like geared towards the jealous girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, or husbands..LOL!
    I guess this one’s great for monitoring your children, or your teens about their activities.
    I guess it could also be used for company cellphones? But nevertheless, I think it really is a cool app!

    PS: Something’s wrong with your Commentluv plugin..

  3. Why the need to spy on someone’s on line activity. It is a mean way of breaking through someone’s privacy. Usually, spying is intended for some devious and mischievous thought. If you were to use it for monitoring someone for safety, you can opt in to PERS system, GPS locator device, Just5 with the SOS function or 5star responder for emergency purpose. How would you feel if someone is spying on you? Just a thought. Great blog Gautam!

    1. I seem to disagree with spying being a mean way of breaking through someone’s privacy when it could make life easier by helping you to simply clear doubts or suspicions with them.


  4. hi , this is very good post ,I love this kind of informations , i found your site in google
    and i see that is very good site , I have a blog about technology and new inventions , Please check out my blog and leave me a comment to let me know what you think.

  5. hello,
    i purchased 6months subsribption and install it on android phone. Install process is very complicate and there are too many options you have to choose while install. Also once installed has ben completed, the phone never connected with the control panel and i never could use it. So do not purchase this usless application. To the developer: this type of application really should have an “One Click Installer” without all options to tick On/Off. It needs several minutes to install it. I never has problems installing frob web or play store. this one has really to many problem. Also afhter installing – and not working – the phone becoms slow and very unresponding. My advise: don’t use this software.

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