iMove Car – Designed by Apple

According to some of the people working in Apple,Lt.Steve Jobs was wishing to make an iCar.Yes,after making Ipod and Iphone he was hoping to make a iCar.It’s very easy to think about such a car but think of making such a car.I would really want a car designed by Apple.Liviu Tudoran,an auto designer wants to make an iCar which is inspired by Apple Macintosh products.He has also taken the name as iMove which will launch in year 2020.It will feature design lines of latest Macintosh products and will run on electric.Sound’s like cool.Body of the car ┬áis covered with transparent materials, so that even under the roof the driver get a cabriolet feeling.This material is also a solar panel.iMove will provide seat for three peoples with luggage space.It will offer customization,so that the owner should change the design according to his/her needs.



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