How To Use Social Media For Job Search?

Do you know that you can actually leverage your career by creating a profile on social networking sites?However,you must remember that posting wrongful or distorted information about your personal and professional life can trash your career. So, it is very important that you learn how to manage your social networking profiles to your job hunting advantage.

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When it comes to job search through social networking sites, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you must follow. It will help you to build a strong network and also to find the right profession or career path to follow. Given below is a guide that will help you to search for the perfect job by using various online networking portals.

  • To start with, you must research well and make a suitable social media strategy.You need to make a list of the organizations or companies you want to work with. Furthermore, you must find out whether the companies have social media profiles. You should also follow the networks that the employees of the companies utilize. You must make sure to be on those networking
    sites too.
  • You must have professional profiles on LinkedIn. Having profiles on such sites have loads of advantages. While on one hand the visibility of your profile will increase, on the other, you do not have to try too hard to get connected to prospective employers. Employers will be able to track or find your profile and will contact you with suitable jobs. Keep your profile updated and clean it makes your profile attractive.
  • Although Facebook has gained popularity as a social networking site, it is not the sole platform that can help you to bag a suitable job. There are other social networking sites like Twitter,Foursquare, YouTube, and Pinterest. All these sites work differently and have different rules and ways of networking. You must learn to utilize the potential of these sites to help you in your job search.
  • You must have complete profiles on the social networking sites. Having incomplete profiles can have a negative impression on the employers. An advantage of using social networking sites for job search other than searching for jobs on the Internet using keywords like “Essar Careers” is that you can provide a lot of personal details along with professional information. This helps your potential employers to know you better. However, avoid providing too much information about your personal life.
  • Another smart way to use social media for job search is to make friends and grow your network.You can make friends with people you intend to work with or are currently working with. You can also re-tweet and comment on the posts by different companies on the social networking sites. This will showcase your interest in a particular area and company.
  • Moreover, you can post samples of your work for example, a website design that you created or a video that you have made. This will act as your online portfolio. Thus, you can present a brief introduction to what you can offer.

The points mentioned above should give you an insight on the use of social media to your advantage for conducting job search.

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  1. Really very new to hear from social media. I will tell all my friends and collegeaus to follow this and make use of social media for right useful thing other than chatting,sharing,liking and all time pass works. The only thing in this is if company people really gives attention and call us for job..It is the great success from this. I have my brother who is seeking for an job so I will share this with him to follow his core companies social media..

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