How To Prevent Bulk Registration On Your Website

Posted on Mar 7 2013 - 3:02pm by Gautam Kumar

Bulk Registration Is One Of The Top Most problems For Many Sites.There Are Many Fake Peoples and Bots Who Keeps Looking For Unsecured Sites and When They Get One They Charge towards Them And Fill Their Website With Bulk Registration.There are Many Such Bots Who Keep Visting Your Sites Regularly For Spreading Spam.

I Just Created a Forum and Left It And When I Saw It After Some days I Saw Many Fake Registrations and Many Fake Posts.Mostly were Irrelevant Posts and Were In Other Languages.Mostly Were The Languages That I Can’t Understand.Then I Checked It Thoroughly and Found All Was Automatic Or Say Bulk Registration.

Bulk Registration

So I Thought Now How To tackle Them And How To Keep My Forum Spam Free?I Surfed Internet For Many Hours and then finally Some Good Sites in Which Telesign Was The Best.It is A Site That Helps Reducing Spam.So I joined The Site and Started The Work and i Also Came To know About The Two Step Verification.

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How To Prevent Bulk Registrations?

1)Being Regular

It’s Hard To Stop Spam But Nothing Is Impossible.So If You Visit your Site Regularly You Can Stop Spam Easily.The Main Problem Was That i Was Not Regular On My Forum and Opened That After Many Days.If You Are Regular On Your Website or Forum Than You can Stoop It In Starting Days and Stop spreading It’s Root.

2)Using Verification Methods

I Have Seen Many Site Having open Registrations.Means They Don’t offer email Confirmation or Other Security Measures To Justify Registrations.You must use Captchas Or Email verification System On Your Site Registration System.So That Only Real Persons Can Register On Your Site and Your Website Stays Miles Away From Spam Registrations.

3)Use Online Tools

You Can Use Many Online tools To get Help.As I Mentioned About Earlier Which Helps You Prevent Bulk and Spam Registrations.They Help In Identity Authentication and Can Also Keep Your Site Safe From Bots And Spam. Telesign Is The Site Recommended Site From My Site and you can Use it Without Any Problem and Further Doubts.

So These Were Some Of The Ways By Which You can Stop Bulk Registrations On Your Site and if You Want your Website Or Forum CLean Safe Than This Is A Must Read Tutorial For You.Try These and Tell Us What You Experienced.

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  1. tushar thakur March 8, 2013 at 4:58 am - Reply

    i mostly prefer for the verification method because it s not possible for every one to always be online to filter spams to its is the better option to go for

  2. Dickson March 8, 2013 at 6:30 am - Reply

    Thanks for the great sharing of the tips and tricks to prevent spam. My blog have a lot of spam commenting. Now I am looking for the tools that could help me to prevent it.

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