How To Fix Blue Screen Error Of Death In Windows

Posted on Sep 27 2013 - 6:52pm by Gautam Kumar

Blue Screen Error Of Death is an error in which your computers faces such a serious issue that it windows stops functioning completely and here is what you see and call Blue Screen Error Of Death. This issue is mostly related to hardware or software drivers. Most of the Blue Screen Error shows stop codes which helps you figure what type error was it.

Blue Screen is mostly found in Windows 7 and sometimes I have faced regular 7-8 Blue Screen Errors. These errors are not that big problems but if it happens continuously it can be a serious problem. This can result in your whole system crash and can even lead to data loss.So now we need to find why this happens and how to fix Blue Screen Error Of Death in Windows.

If you have seen Blue Screen of Death then you must have noticed that your Windows 7 or Windows 8 pc restarts after the crash and have you ever thought what if it doesn’t restart? So these are some common looking problem which are very big infact.So you need to take care of your pc and take some serious steps in this direction to troubleshoot Blue Screen Error Of Death.

First, we need to take a look at every problem so that we can find a problem. Here are some of the best ways to fix blue screen error of death. You can use these methods to troubleshoot your problem. So let’s start with the steps to fix the BSOD problem.

How To Fix Blue Screen Error Of Death In Windows:-

1) Activate Your Windows

The first thing you need to se whenever a problem comes on your Pc is that your Pc is activated or not.You need to activate your pc with Windows 7 Activator or you can buy Windows 7 Full Version to activate it.Pc not activated can also be a cause of these issues.Try to get your all installed software activated as well. Always try to use the genuine serial key while activating any Software and you can grab a idm serial key from the running giveaway to activate it.

2) Update Your Softwares And Drivers

Always update your installed software or drivers to the latest updated version to get rid of hacks and issues like Blue Screen Error Of Death. Update all the software and apps regularly because the latest updates come with bug fixes and help your pc run smooth.

3) Regular Malware Scan

Scan your pc regularly to detect harmful malware other potential threats.It is advised to must install a good antivirus that can take care of your pc from external or internal threats.Try to install one of the best antiviruses for windows 7 or best antivirus for windows 8.Even Android users don’t forget to install antivirus from best antivirus for android then why do you don’t install one.

4) Update Your BIOS

Sometime even an outdated BIOS can cause this Blue Screen Error.So it is advised to update BIOS from time to time to avoid these types of issues.

5) See What You Did?

See what you have uninstalled and installed on your pc before that Blue Screen Error Of Death showed up. It is often seen that Blue Screen comes only after the installation or un-installation of any software. So after the restart remove that software to see that it helped or not.I promise it helps and it is one of the biggest causes of the Blue Screen Error.

6) Always Have Some Space Free!

Always have some space free on your partition device. Try to have at least 15% of free space in the drive. Lack of space can result in pc malfunction and its slow down your pc which can lead to Blue Screen.

So these were some of the methods to fix Blue Screen Of Death In Windows. These methods work for sure so try these methods and let us know it worked for you not. If you have any suggestion or queries feel free to reply and we will try to reply as soon as possible.

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