Finding Low Competition Keyword

A blog is nothing without keyword research,Keyword research Is very Important of marketing campaign as it is Blogging,Setting A PPC campaign Or Article marketting.There are many tools,online sites that can do Online Keyword Research for your Site and Give Appropriate results.

You can easily find Competition For your Keywords And Rank Higher.A Beginner Wants low competition keywords with high search.Now finding low Competition Keywords is not so hard.


Today i will Discuss with you  The method of getting low competition keywords for your blog or site with high Search Results.Google provides the best tool for Keyword research.You can easily get there and Get Appropriate estimates.But the Question arises how…??

As many sites are referring Keyword research Tools But the best site that give Best Results Is AdWords Keyword Tool.AdWords provides the Finest Tools For A site.Such as Traffic estimator tool,Keyword research tool etc.As we are talking On finding Low Competition keywords we must focus on AdWords Keyword research tool.

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Now Follow these Simple Steps for Finding Low Competition Keyword.

  1. Open AdWords Research tool.
  2. Leave website empty.
  3. Enter 3 of your Broadest keywords.For example if your blog is on Dieting enter “Weight Loss”,”Dieting” etc
  4. Adjust your Category To health or to which type of your blog is.Then Go to Advanced Search results and Set maximum no Of monthly search results to 3000.
  5.  Hit search then you will get Exact keywords with Total no of searches  per month,their cpc etc.
  6. In the Advanced Features click on filter and turn off medium and High Term keywords.


Now just export your list and start making money by using that low competition keywords and let your Sites rank Higher for that keywords.For getting Better Search Results You Need To concentrate on other Seo factors as well.So good Luck And tell me For which Low Competition keyword your Ranked Highest.

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About the Author: Gautam Kumar


  1. Really very much informative an new to me. I have used adowrds but unknown of adwords keyword tool from your article I started to use and in future it will very useful to write on keyword research to get more organic traffic.

  2. As you said, It is really good content for any of new student like me, i am new in SEO, I learn much from this place, i like it , i have bookmark this site, for my help. Thanks Gautum Cool

  3. Jason, have you tried long tail pro? It’s very accurate and fast to analyze the top 10 competitors in google, so you can get a better idea of how competitive the keyword actually is.

    You should check for pagerank, backlinks and page authority to get an accurate idea.

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