Does Make A Cover for Facebook Solve Design Problems?

It could be contended that your Facebook Cover is a little bit like your CV, you don’t bother to update it until you find that it doesn’t represent you any longer. Extending the similarity, both your CV and your Facebook Cover have required quite a bit of your time investment in recent years in order to produce something that is worthy for others to look at and review.

However, the former (your CV) clearly has much more financial value to you than your Facebook Cover, and that’s where the similarity ends! The social value that your Facebook cover has is questionable; however having a good Facebook cover is a little more than vanity since it’s the heading image with which you express your views and “likes” unto the world.

Introducing Make a Cover for Facebook

A new program “Make a Cover for Facebook” by the makers of “Chit Chat for Facebook” has been released that many bloggers have argued solves many of the problems that people face when attempting to change their Facebook cover, in this article I will talk about the problems that this app solves and where the cover creator apps blind spots are.

Problems Associated With Cover Design & What Make a Cover Can Do

Time – The authors of Make a Cover for Facebook claim that their tool can build a Facebook cover in minutes; in truth it’s more like seconds since you are provided with an initial template! With that said, it does take time to go through the various combinations that you have to choose from to perfect your cover image. It isn’t necessary though to labour over the image design for hours as most of the hard work is done for you.

Cost – Many of the good Facebook covers impose a charge on use, which does make sense since it takes a long time to design them. However, the problem with this is that a cover is well…a bit of a luxury item, and I like most people would prefer a free solution. Make a Cover for Facebook is free, but it lacks some of the fanciness that you find in some of the paid for solutions.

Error Free – Participation in design with a web-browser has a lot of technical challenges, however, what Make a Cover seem to offer works well. However, the error free nature of this app seems to come at a cost of having limited functionality.

Ease of Use – The Facebook Cover Creator app is easy to use, however there are only so many options that you have.

Functionality – Make a Cover for Facebook works by the selection of various boxes organized into categories with designs on that update on clicking them. So, as a user your experience of the app is that you choose from a category like shorts and then choose the shorts that most appeal for your particular character. Although the Facebook cover creator app does have the ability to apply your cover to Facebook profiles, you won’t find any advanced functionality like magnifying or drawing on the background canvas.

Conclusion regarding Make a Cover for Facebook

In conclusion, this app to help you make your own Facebook cover can help you create a nice looking Facebook cover that will meet most of your needs; however there is limited functionality that will put off some design enthusiasts.

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  1. Make a cover for Facebook is a free & easy to apply good solution for users. I will try this app on my Facebook profile to optimize its cover. No doubt it will work as charm for persons who looking to change their FB cover.

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