Can Facebook Get you A job(InfoGraphic)

On the Question Above About 18 Million Americans Said Yes,Facebook Can Get Them A Job.A Large Number Of Americans Have Got Their Job From Facebook. Social Networks Are now not only The Place For Gossip but A real Place For Job Seekers Too.8 Milion Americans Say That They got their job from Twitter And 10.8 Million Americans Say that they Got their Job From Linkedin.

So Its the time For you to Spruce Up these Social Networks And Start Social Networking.As this Can Help You In many Ways.
This Post Just For Awaring you by the fact that About 50% people Used Social Networks like Facebook,Twitter And Linkedin to  get Jobs,And among them the most succesful Was Facebok.

This Infographic craeted By MBA Online Shows You the fact And Gives Hope To the Jobless.

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