Angry Birds Seasons Got Underwater Pysics Update

Angry Bird Got its latest Update with the Underwater Physics Update,with new levels and Physics.This is one of the Suited Release For Summer,As in this Birds Are Launched Underwater And It has a very nice and perfect Gameplay.


It is much similar to Angry Birds Space But the only difference is thatin this game Birds Are Launched Underwater
and  Pigs Die by Sinking In water.Angry Birds Comes Every Time With new Update And New Technique And New Physics.


Download Angry Birds Seasons for Android | iPhone

Take the Full Fun Of Angry Birds And Enjoy Your GAme.

About the Author: Gautam Kumar

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  1. Interesting post. Angry Birds is one game which people of all ages enjoy… btw to show some appreciation for this awesome post i just tweeted, facebook liked and +1ed it..

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